You Said Good Teams?


Yeah youre right, thats another reason this should be pushed, i know for sure a good handful of players this will attract back into the game.


TLDR? please :):slight_smile: lel


So… Does T still play anywhere nowadays?


Main CORE T members dont play anymore and haven’t played for months. But a few NEW T members are currently in f1.


Oh god, there’s so much misinformation on both “sides”.

All everybody is doing is making themselves look like massive idiots. Keep in-game stuff in-game you super wonderful people! We all would benefit by keeping the new forums relatively productive instead of it degrading into (low quality) trash talk.

Trash talk should be kept on BC.


I say give a new medal/ribbon! That would make older players want to get it and new players to admire it (looking at you senatus :wink: )


To be honest, I quite like the talk going on here. I’d take people arguing on the forums over a dead forum anyday! And who knows, maybe a war will ensue because of it :wink:

It would be rather ridiculous to have 100 people with a “special” medal though…


what Milan means is he doesn’t want to share special medals with 100 people


As much as I would love that, factions just isn’t the type of event that justifies ribbons/medals. I mean… how do you reward 1/4 of the server?! And what does that really show in this case? And I can see a lot of this as well; “Oh, you got the factions event ribbon? Pshh, you got carried by Milan you noob. Bet you didn’t do anything.”


Ahh ok I see your points yeah. What would be a good prize instead?


Well, I DO very much like hoarding the CE #1 ones :speak_no_evil:

Why should it be all about the prizes though? Do people actually play eras BECAUSE of the blues? I reckon most people spend more blues/reds to win a round than they get from it. I think the biggest value in such an era would lie in the fact that it’d be a lot of fun, and for many newbs that they have teachers all around.


blues and fun really
I think this even should be more fun oriented than special prize oriented
wouldn’t be nice seeing ppl going crazy over special medals again :smiley:


I actually like that. Medals cause a lot of un-needed drama (nudge nudge sgc).


Maybe having like the top 10 players in the winning fraction get the medals/ribbons?


@SGC and @T

Duke it out on an era with 1 team each and no plants and let’s see whos better , beats bming all day/.


I have a better idea! Both teams plant and FeiFei will plant too. Whoever kills FeiFei’s team 1st wins!! :imp:


as big of an excuse and as pathtic as it might sound i dont think traj feel like coming back to bd just to kill sgc :joy:
Sadly now a days T plays just for fun we just place 10 players till we see rank1 team attacking us then they end up dead :smiley:
not really a serious team since as traj and i mentioned most of us arent as active as we used to cuz of real life


I really like the sight of this. This board in particular is an opportunity to see the BD community rise from the dead yet again. Keep sharing in your thoughts guys, I like to read and stay entertained. I am really excited for what’s coming in the near future and I am happy I have time to experience new features as soon as they get released.



For everyones information here, since I was in both the winning LWB era you’re referencing and the ‘DINO’ era (E3 Era 66) just my 2 cents, sorry for taking it off topic again Malice :slight_smile:

LWB is not the same as SGC at all. Both groups started off with a completely different core group, and both had different amount of success. The only reason people view them as similar is because of Cruz leading one and Stark leading the other. The two themselves are very different people, and very different leaders. (I’ve played under both of them) Not getting into that debate.

But Alfred. To say that DINO was ‘fractured’ and not take any of the blame is actually gobsmacking. From what I recall, you were in DINO, yeah? But your allegience was to SGC, and you sooner would have sold us out to appease Stark rather than play with us. And you almost did do that. Thats what caused the fracture.

I’m not saying either side was in the right. I’ve acknowledged that both SGC and DINO did shitty things to each other that era, but for gods sake man, you were literally at the CENTER of it along with a couple of other people. And you were willing to defect if need be. A good BD player should be loyal to his team in THAT era, and not loyal to anybody else, friend or foe.

So cheers lad :kissing_heart: keep promoting SGC and how great you and Stark are too, its entertaining.


I just want nobody to forget that DayDar sold 250 crystals for like 10k reds (literally).

The Stranger’s gold medal is a fraud!