You Said Good Teams?


wasn’t that because they killed everyone who fought them?


For a while, yes. But I myself sat in T subs in an era or two and didn’t have to do shit but build and got some free blues. I don’t really remember any hugely competitive eras during that streak


SGC vs T is like the age old question. Quality vs quantity.

From what ive seen SGC prides itself on having a small core of highly experienced and active players. They play pretty much straight up as they come without subs or massive ammounts of jammers and spammers.

Everytime i see T they have multiple subs. Multiple allies. Basically a plethora of people they can swap in and out of teams. They pride themselves on having a large base of players that they can draw from to create subs and allies to overwhelm the opposition.

T has also displayed some of the shrewdest diplomacy i have ever seen in Battledawn. They make excellent use of both spies in other alliancse and using those spies in order to make big moves(having a loyal member in the rank 1 team - that member stabs and joins T or one of the affiliated subs)

I think T vs SGC would be an excellent war to watch. I would personally give SGC the slight edge because i myself prefer small quality teams over large alliances with lots of subs but to each their own. Maybe SGC and T will meet on the field again one day?


I’ve honestly not seen T having subs LOL
i’ve played few eras with them…
it’s just that , the moment everyone knows its trajic … they come forward willing to ally him.
He’s just that good at diplo :slight_smile:
also i remember SGC fighting trajic with few T members in M1 era 50 .
T won.

I’ve no clue what happen in the era tho


ik i promised malice but i am sorry :frowning:
First of all if u know T at all we never have subs ever… Max we would ever place is 2 teams thats when we still had competition 2nd team is usually a troll team wich ends up killing the whole era more laid back team not a sub
People refusing to fight us helping us and allying is another story thanks to trajics Diplo
Also not one thing trajic never asks any1 in a team he is fighting to leave People messaging trajic and asking him to take them in since their team is bad is another story :slight_smile: and as far as i remem in over 2years playing with trajic it happened twice when he was leading AFTER<— their teams died :slight_smile:
Worth mentioning that the 2eras alfie is priding him self with one was 3vs1 other was 4vs1 not saying anything wrong with that but saying T uses subs when we dont and sgc doesnt wich as far as i seen from them they do use subs is just :frowning:


You say you dont use subs, yet you freely admit to placing 2 “troll” teams? Im sorry but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. Then its a friggin duck.


i understand with limited mental capabillties any 2 teams are subs for u and yes we some times got 20 players so we make2 teams :slight_smile: other team filled with randoms and u seem to ignore the fact that i said a troll team 2nd team wasnt included in the deals each team had its own wars sometimes so yeah wasnt a sub :slight_smile: have 20 capable players in one team is usefull sometimes :slight_smile:


Most we do with subs is get a bunch of friends blues, they usually contribute almost nothing to the war. The eras I pride myself on are eras that SGC has worked damn hard against usually about 5 teams at once, whether that be in F3, E3, M1 whatever. Last time we won E3 a few months ago we faced 4E, two 4E subs, Phil’s boosting team, Ketan and his idiots, random spamming teams all at once.

There are not many teams who consistently have to face that many people each era they play, and I’m proud of that


2 wars against us alfie which were based on ur claims :slight_smile: and vs us pretty sure they won u both wars wethers it on e3 or m3


unless u can bust out toma from jail and get trajic/rob/rev/dave etc to quit their jobs cant really do much so sticking with banter :smiley:


Hi Alfie :slight_smile:

How can you be so good?


You’ll never know :heart:


Rudi is the best player ever :ok_hand:


SGC = Afrika Korps (AK)


Just to clarify on what I feel we have called “ourselves” in the past. If Stark isn’t leading, then it’s not an SGC team.


Rudi :heart:


If I remember very well about that E3… It was OwK not “Phil’s boosting team”.

We planted late, started late and we were fighting 4E too. But then you guys saw we were growing (Having only Alaska lol). You made peace with 4E and backstabbed us. I do not see why ppl have pride on that, that time you guys had like 2-3 teams in Asia too same as 4E, so you really didn’t face 'em by urself, again I see no pride on that just a normal era. Anyway, fight is always fun and we use to know which opponent is worth to fight.

Make the Factions event work, put it on a 3 tickers and let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:


I do not mind everyone joining Alfie, all good to me. :slight_smile:


and i’ll be taking my dz with me :slight_smile:


Well as my name has been mentioned a few times, i guess i have to clarify some stuff :slight_smile:
In advance sorry Malice :smiley:

Anywho Alfie i really dont think you deserve a reply from me as honestly you have nothing to show for on bd, maybe my post will help you gain some fame, i really hope it does as you really seem to crave attention.

As for LWB i was teaching players that era and had no real intentions to win until LWB said they want rank 2(LWB being an alliance i have played with i agreed to NAP them) whilst we were on the other side of the map we were stabbed by LWB and every other team and yet they didnt kill any armies for 3 days( bare in mind our armies had no network to our hive due to the stab) but honestly you can pride yourself on that win i really dont mind it makes us all laugh :smiley: i had 1 T member and we were there just to train newbies at the time such as uttam.

As for the e3 era i planted at tick 1k after you stabbed anish mals team :smiley: i joined anish team which rob took over and held out until cody asked for nap and broke it the same day. That team you call T had only youssef and rob from T and they both quit due to real life.

During your war so i started being semi active (working 2 job at the time) we still held the era off killed SGC armies atleast 3 times each, and we were never conquered we had South america North America AA and invaded Africa yet you CLAIM you beat a troll team.

I cant believe youre claiming you beat T in that era either, maybe youre just still upset that you had the whole world against a troll semi active team and you still couldn’t kill them, yet you have the balls to name SGC as a good team pfft.

I really do laugh at the way you hold those wins vs random alliances 1 era you couldnt even kill us, yet you still talk about it now. if i were you i wouldnt ever be priding yourself on a backstabb and an era you had war a unorganised alliance and kept dying to them.

Anyway alfie you wasnt even there in e3 you were just on BC, whilst your boys were dying. SGC is the only team i dont have any respect for as they talk alot of trash and havent accomplished anything.

i remember m2 where u talked the talk and had CME leader in ur group chat so we had to kill ur stupid self aflie… then e1 you were rank1 bullying us (OwK) who were rank 6 or 8 cant remember, 2 days later you were locked with yessum and we killed you guys. For your own good be a good boy, study in school and if you wnat to be respected keep your BS to yourself. dont pride yourself on such lows.

As for the sub thing, T has never and will never have subs, when we plant alot of people dont want to fight us, we lose friends of this because we choose to fight them, some we let off and they make a team wanting to help or be allied and i have nothing against that most of the time as sometimes i just want to watch too.

Thats the difference between us and many teams maybe…we have alot of people that dislike us but we also have alot of people that like us. Everyone who played agaisnt us that has been allowed to join us and once they are with us they dont leave, maybe this is why we have such a big following. This is due to the humble and loyal great players that we have created or accepted.

You will never see snping or greed issues in T another reaosn why we have been going on for so long. But the CORE T alliance now who they are and most dont play BD anymore, hence why i take new players in and kept T going,who funny enough beat some SGC members in f1 (BRO rank 1 and TTO rank 3).

Enough of irrelevant players and teams no matter how much SCG try they will never be a dominating ot big team due to there egos and the fighting that goes in there as for the greed thats a whole different story.

Nowadays i have noticed alot of people using my name or using my tag, start your own thing guys, have a plan and go for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Need more votes for schoolyard even though i quit bd :slight_smile: but last schoolyard was fun, bu this fraction thing is starting to be more appealing, id love to fight psi there he can have 100 people vs just me and malice :smiley:

what would the rewards be for the fraction era btw?



The wall of text is an apology enough. :thumbsup:

Not sure on the reward part yet. One of the things I’m trying to get clarification on with admin’s on what they can/can’t do. And yes, I feel that the factions event would bring back some more players as well as it’s not so dependent on them. Most oldies keep away due to time constraints, but this would let them help whenever they have some time. (But I’d totally be up for some “us against the world” antics :joy: