You Said Good Teams?


SGC is a three ticker team, but I presume this event would be one E1. Also, good core teams? Why include 4E and T then…?

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stop stirring the pot lad


Nevermind core, is SGC even considered a team or just a bunch of gathered nubs? :stuck_out_tongue:


More like a gathering of angry men :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm why include 4e and T maybe because the only time T and Sgc clashed sgc showed the most pathetic showing ever of a war and how Lawmpy and lion fish were the only ones actually trying to hold T
or the fact that the proudest era of stark till now is he could win an era when trajic placed at tick 1k and cody made cpl of deals wich he brokes in 10 ticks really and till the end of era he still couldnt kill traj just ran
funniest thing about this post is its coming from some1 who cries when a contact attack him :DD


But didn’t T lose to LWB (SGC) on m3 or does your master traj need to refresh your memory


as far as i remem lwb/=sgc and if lwb are sgc that means we killed sgc 99 times :DD
also if i count each time we killed stark on m3 thats another 100 but i dont cuz i am not a pathtic loser like sgc who needs to find excuses of how i beat some1 who placed at tick 1k
and yeah we died on m3 trajic tried to pick up randoms and new players for T ended up being only me and trajic who are T members the era ended with every1 attacking us and sadly since our team was not accostumed to this sort of war most of these guys crumbled and didnt log
so since u wnna count lwb and m3 kills on stark as sgc its around 50-2 to T atm :slight_smile:


Typical noobs, they win once and think they’re the best. Shhhh pls


Okay, so a few things to clear up. We’ve played M3 once, and we were called LWB and we beat T. We also beat T at the same time in E3. In both worlds we ended huge winning streaks that T had.

Stark might have played M3 otherwise without SGC, but we’ve only as a team played once. I believe there was one time that the team played another Mars world, though I wasn’t playing BD at the time, where T won whilst being helped by Antrax and Phil’s boosting team. I think losing two huge streaks simultaneously is enough payback for that.

So, no, T hasn’t killed SGC 99 times, you’ve lost more than you’ve won against us, and even then you always needed other teams helping. I have no clue what you mean about trajic plantin at tick 1k, your english is too bad for me to understand what you mean.

I can at least have respect for trajic as a player. Morons like you just follow him for wins and would have no chance against SGC or any other serious team


Heated debate here :grin:


Simple Guys,Fight It Out Next M3 :smirk:


Lmao and I’ll fight someone on F4 and F5 too!


I mean if M3 hadn’t been shut…


Damn I need to catch up, M3 is over too
Then go to SGC’s home right now


ok alfie i dont know how sad of a player u are to twist stuff lwb wasnt sgc but ok
we didnt lose 2 win streaks ppl forget we dont care about eras
e3 u couldnt kills u kept running and were so proud to get r1 when trajic placed at tick 1k to fight u and u couldnt kill him u had ur r2 team collect u the relics and hand them in
so when lwb dies to us with stark in them its not sgc but when lwb beat us one time with a team that us 2 players T thats Sgc killing T can some1 explain cuz i dont have the same mind as alfie apparently<-----
so yeah i admit u killed us on m3 sad stuff
PHIL didint help that era he sat sleeping also would have been nice if u helped sgc on m1 isntead of crying sgc wasnt helping u on another fantasy era :smiley:
and sorry to say this but m1 and e3 showed us enough guess thats why cody thinks ur bad players
to put it simple words alfie ur a bad team you dont hold a candle to us war wise just because we stopped killing stark on m3 since we quit doesnt suddenly make u a good team ok? :slight_smile:


E3 actually was me, and T placed very very late when I changed teams. Not to mention its nothing to be proud of when you bought spies in our team. Only thing you did that era was kill my inactive first team then you killed me when I changed teams then you couldnt even enter SA to finish it off you avoided battles.


LWB was led by Cruz, and half the team was SGC people, including all the main players. I should know, I was there. The E3 where trajic planted late… your entire team had still been around since tick 1. So I don’t quite see how that is a big achievement.
I don’t even know which Cody you mean. If you mean ANJ, he’s won 2 eras with us, so…

And if we don’t ‘hold a candle to you’, why couldn’t you win? That’s the real question. If you’ve quit BD, then you may as well piss off the forums as well, because I can assure you that nobody still playing misses you.
@Swagger, I was in DINO that era, not SGC. From what I remember, you pretended to be a sub until stabbing later in the era, and were replacing people constantly throughout the era where as SGC remained the same people. Needing to get T to place later to save you is nothing to be proud of


ok to elaborate on ur point Swagger was the dino sub ur talking about they asked T and other to place later so na any T player in that team placed tick 700+ and yeah i mean dino u were in them collected the relic gave it to starks team
half the team sgc isnt=sgc
alfie either say LWB is sgc or not cuz i am not taking useless pathtic banter like this
we quit bd yes alfie but we arent waiting for a useless noob like u to say bs get away with it considering ur in a team that only started winning when all the decent teams left atleast when we won we werent as cocky as you and we still had some comeptition and less dead eras than urs
and easy we couldnt win for a simple reason you couldnt beat us war wise u knew it so u ran moved relics as far aways possible and just tried to hold ur ground instead of killing :slight_smile:


Actually, only 3 of the members were pretending to be sub rest of us were either dead or planted late when the team was gathered we built up from nearly nothing, we only replaced twice because they quit the game due to real life issues. Problem here isn’t who won, problem is you trash talking thinking you’re better when you won once or twice and suddenly you’re greater than T.


DINO was partly SGC people, of course. The disagreements between them and others ended up fracturing the team - that era was awful for our group. And we haven’t won dead eras. This current F3 is the deadest we’ve ever played. T is literally the team that killed competition in M3 and ended up just sitting and builing each and every era because the server became so dead - why do you think that one was closed?

@Swagger Of course we trash talk, thats like 50% of the game for me. We’ve lost one properly serious era in the last year and a half or so, and that was an E3 against about 6 teams after winning the previous 2. And honestly, if our record against T is as it is, then I think yes, it’s fair to say that we are one of the only teams around who is competitive with T.

To be entirely honest to both of you, internal fights in the team have caused far more damage that you or any other team ever has