You know the Free Premium boxes in Daily Rewards?

Of course everyone knows the boxes, My suggestion for this is how about make the very last Free Prem Box in the Daily Rewards a 100% chance on legends? We’ve waited long enough just for either the biggest disappointment or excitement for like what? 2-3 weeks? So? How about it?

  • Add it!
  • Don’t Add it
  • I could care less

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Doubt that they would add it… but I wish

this would be pretty good
and if it’s a bad legendary then it becomes myth food

I think it could work, but they should add it as a reward for people who’ve logged on for 21 consecutive days back to back.

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The 3 weeks i’ve been playin’ this, both Prem. Boxes contained epics, C-E too.

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I’m amazed on how many people don’t want this to be added OR could care less about this XD


Or how about it being a pack instead of a regular box (last one ofcourse)