You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


Yes, but Vandal has no counterpart so comparing weight between energy and heat is not possible.
Also Vandal can only be used once whereas the hammers have unlimited uses.
That certainly also affects the hammers’ weights.


well guess everything caunts into the weight


wow i got 2 of it in 1 play
LOL i feel bad for people who didn’t have it

Secret files
  1. She’s happy not hungry (she’s fat bastard wolf)
  2. Puppy is licking rabbit’s wound to improve healing of it.
  3. Edit. She found him and guards him that’s why she’s happy.
Don't open

NOOO you did it :exclamation:
You opened it :exclamation:

Look at this :rabbit2: :heart: :dog2:



Seriously don't open it




re(a)lly bloody



My 3 weeks job :heart:

All in chronologic order.

Who think that same drop rate will stay ?


@Meriaton, it’s a new nerf, man.


Lol! Nice dramatic cut scenes with the “hidden posts”. It’s like reading a comic strip, very creative usage of it.

A wolf! I thought it’s a regular doggy. Oh, how sweet that the wolf is caring for the rabbit. And here I thought a “dog” looked hungry. Ha!

That’s so surreal that the wolf isn’t eating the rabbit. Usually that’s a meal for the wolf.


That was only bullshit question… dont bother about…
secret files are main topic.


darn no legendaries for 2 straight portals now

either i had bad luck or the devs did somethin on it


Might be that the devs have something against you… I know they have something against me…
I have never recieved any premium items except Reckoning… and the only melee weapon (excluding the C-E swords) i have ever gotten is BackBreaker… No Storm weaver, Viking hammer, etc


Anyway… That is one sexy hammer! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::tired_face::confounded::triumph::tired_face::confounded:

You know what those emojis mean…


It’s funny how people play portals just for legendaries.

Maybe that’s why the drop rates are horrible, they reduced it so people can actually play for the item instead of legendaries.


When is the Thunder Boots portal going to be released? The Thunder Boots’ sprite is now in-game, even the legs itself(?)


Probably Thursday.
Usually that’s when item portals come out.
Viking Hammer is just early.


should I do it?? anwer YES!!!


Why did you revived this topic?
You should have said that in gen discussion


@sparsh… is that even your hammer? Also, did i miss the Thunder Boots portal or has it just not happened yet?


yep and its my hammer!!


Prove it… meet you on global


off topic u are blind :wink:


I saw no hammer… @sparsh… you lie


Just no, i don’t have ways to collect tokens fast… if you have spare money, send me so i can buy premium packs, if not, please shut this stupid idea…