You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


Second to last pic, that dog looks hungry.

Last pic, what’s that same dog doing to the little rabbit??

Edit: Oh, wait! Regarding my 1st sentence, just noticed the dog staring at the rabbit. I now see the rabbit’s ears at the edge of the picture. Maybe, that explains the dog’s hungry look??


What on earth are you saying?




Take a wild guess.


My profile pic?


Oh, I see your confusion now. I was referring to the last post. Meriaton, posted some pics. Look it over and then you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Vikings have hurled this hammer into space because it is too heavy . If the game is going to become a range/space game then make the NEW weapons lighter than the older ones . New push drone heavier than face shocker . New hammer … Heavier than the storm weaver . Who had extra space fr weight going into these portals ??? No one that’s who.


Viking are using the hammer to smash walnut husks … Nothing else


Vikings are using the hammer as a fly swatter as they have deemed it useless in battle


Vikings… Hammer… Back scratcher


Vikings … Hammer … Wheel chock


This portal is just getting even worse in my opinion.
The reason is because I see at previous portal how much legy did players had.And now this!i see small of them
I recommend buff the portal for our happiness and everything!


Vikings… Hammer… Meat tenderizer


That thing was once Thor’s hammer Mjölnir.
The hammer only recognizes Thor as the rightful user and increases its weight when everyone else is trying to wield it.
TS simply took it without comfirming its abilities.

But honestly the hammer does far more energy damage than the heat version does heat damage and since energy regen activates every turn automatically the energy regen reduction works also every turn.
So the higher weight compared to heat and physical hammers is justified.


Compare it to the storm weaver … Why switch? For two more push back ??? No thanks . Glad you had a bunch of weight you needed to use


this happens to all items
look at CL and Malice beam
savagery and hysteria
etc etc
is cause heat used to rule the world… not anymore
viva la vida in the background


Well, Stormweaver is a PREMIUM weapon while the Viking Hammer is not.
What meaning would premium weapons have if they have no real advantage over the non-premium items?


Close the gap for f2p and p2p… Omg


Those items do not deal cooldown / energy regen damage, only cap reduction.
The hammers are the first non-premium weapons that deal effective cooldown / energy regen damage as faras I know, right?

Edit: “Effective” = high enough reduction to have an effect on the result unlike weapons like BackBreaker before.


i think you might be right
except that vandal rage has a ton of cooling dmg
so yeah besides vandal i think no other non-prem item causes effective cooldown/regen dmg