You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


ahhhh i just can’t see that there is portal and i’m not farming it
ok 1 more refill -_-


2nd leeeeeeeeeg

and it’ssssss

i’m quiting this game -_-


Why, Atleast your getting Legendary. I get that once in Full Moon. Lucky you.


yeah i say to my self at least i got 2 legs some players didn’t get any


every one is sleeping now i’m the crazy one that don’t xD :joy:


Everyone has different time zones, some people may be at work, school or another personal business.

You should go to sleep, young one.


C o p y i n g . . .

Also is Reckoning Heavier than Mercy?


it’s 9 am now i didn’t sleep all the night xD
i will go sleep now


nope mercy is the heaviest shotgun :slight_smile:


Mercy is 84kg.
Redocking is 86 kg…


Reckoning is literally the heaviest weapon in this game (86 kg)


Oh… That’s fine.

Also, “R E D O C K I N G”


10 refill and 3 legend myth food… But with the others epics and rare items + coins I got, I done 4 legendaries more.

Right. Drops rate are down but we have 1 item portal a week. That is good too.


Looooooooooooool welcome to the club


wtf isn’t it 68? 68 or 86?


guys wtf isn’t reckoning 68 ?


So I got over 100 mixed boxes from that item portal.
Those 100+ boxes contained a total of 2 legendary item - both torsos that I would not need and can only use for myth food.
Totally disappointing this portal.





And i don’t wasted tokens on it :slight_smile:
And most worth, TIME.




He can lie to his head so straight XD.




I didn’t got any, and…
that never bothered me anyway !