You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


Yup, now even no live farming has no sense with such drop rates…


As much as I wouldn’t want to agree, it is definitely the current situation!


I advise waiting for thurday item portal and seeing if drop rates are “normal”

They will be :heavy_heart_exclamation:

That’s something funny i got in answer from translator :smiley: : sell blonde


Meriaton, nope, portal has been nerfed.


another portal?f2p won t have tokens for it,and with those drop rates nobody will waste money for tokens,what s the point?

now you may get a legendary at every 3 refills so 90 tokens for a legendary(90% that will be a food legy)
and this is a happy situation


And that’s the reason they will be forced to buy them :smiley:
Or go away :smiley:

To not encumbrance their servers :smiley:

They will be normal, they nerfed them for Contrast, it’s one of marketing infuence
technic, when not, they will see that nobody buying and the same will be (as mentioned, pre-nerf).


Can only do normal campaign, Not good for me. we’ll see what I get by the end of the.


wait a second,f2p do money from them to
we all watch at least 20 ads per day,idk how much they get for one,but they get something

let s say 5 cents per add
1 dolar per day


Multiply by thousands of people… :money_mouth_face:


Wooooohoooooo… Did the portal in Normal, in three tries, Got the viking hammer. My mission of the day…


i want some thing like unicorn portal again some thing to put on ur mech only for look but portal have a relly good drop of legs like unicorn portal
any one with me ?


I think it should be once in month. :kissing_heart:

Don’t listen to me i should be banned.


I though about holidays but it’s too less oft.
Much people still will miss it.




3 hours after being online


no drops at all? lol what


no drops
no drop first on easy
on hard i got nothing so far
and im not even going to try insane cause i waste my time dying

so yeah
drops succ


In the portal I got this


I agree the drop rates are low. Most of us who really farm the portal (100-200 times) may end up with 8-16 legs with a majority if not all from free tokens. I have scored some great l-m legs from these portals and didn’t spend a cent…only spent time. So, if you don’t want to grind for a majority of the portal duration, then buy boxes and save your time. I myself am greatful to get premium legs at really no cost. So if your unhappy with the drop rates, then don’t grind, simple as that or buy boxes. It gets old hearing people complain about not getting the amount of legs they think they deserve. Be greatful for free legs


i just got rares… the first drop
just asdjkasdghjklasg
after that i got nothing again
farming on hard right now