You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


Here, so all people will see it as a proof.


Ok, will take some time, but allright!


9 refills
3 legendarys,many epics

Food legendaryes



Here ya go, as requested!


And no leggies?
Same issue here.


Hard or normal?
Or insane?


Nice bro, but we need more… lol )))


All boxes obtained were on hard
Did you get legies from insane?


Oh big ■■■■ XD

Was there new Hammer ?

Ok i see.

Don’t bann me yet…


Yes , in fact the Viking hammer was there 9 times.


I m farming on hard,some friends tryed insane,but drop rates were the same


This portal is a disaster, i want refund!


How much around time it took ?


For me around 7-8 hours, but i didn’t grind nonstop, I took several breaks in between


That’s why i play this casual now.

To be equal to P2W, you have to spend 6- 10h in 1 day. (When Item Portal is here)

And additionally 2-3h everyday.

And 90% of this time is farminng - clicking one button to start.
That’s not strategy or tactical game, only idle game XD, cuz of that.


Yes but do they realise that novody will pay for such drop rates?


Thats exactly the point, I personally don’t see reason to keep supporting this game, because i spend majority of tokens on item portals.


Weight 63 kg at level one myth . Wtf . Why do they get it wrong almost every time ??? Why


I don t buy boxes and packs anymore,275 tokens for 5 epics?no thanks,or for a food legy?

Portals were our last hope,and they took it