You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


I would like to counter this idea and suggest that they lower token prices on premium boxes :wink:
Does the same thing except makes us happier :smiley:


No need for premium box, it can drop from EACH box.

Just ask on chat how much people got it in such way.


But tacticsoft will trash this before you say this…
Or they lower drop chance by 100%


You mean you only have one Spartan? I have 2 and I don’t even want them😝


This “horus” falcon … Use it with the physical hammer …


ok, thnx i have got Sweetie… drop rate for legs not very good this time…


Another unobtainable item.
If Your Mech is strong enough to win it, you don’t need it anyway.
Game is a joke.
The Joke is on the people ( like me ) that keep playing it.

Hey, how about a challene that tests the players, not just the weapons they have.
Can anyone figure that out? Then you’ll have a GAME.
That’s another freebie.


++ repulser and maybe something like Supreme cannon :smiley:


Repulser … Supreme Cannon will take you maximum up to 7 places and you will need 3 shots.

Hammer is like repulser, but be sure to carry teleport, hook and charge.


from 4 to 7 when on 4 range. Then 1 jump and bah.

Mostly you will be keept away from 1 range, when you have hammer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Of course 3Moves legs will be good for this…
you can go then from 5 range to 8 and surprise :smiley:


dang time to finally retire the stormweaver


Oh, I finished the portal in easy mode OK, but didn’t get the hammer. In an UNCLAIMED item box…THERE is where I found one.
That’s a first for me.


Right … if you manage to hit with this … bingo! Equals 3 shots of Spartan.


I lucked out and found one there…someone musta slipped up at HQ…lol.


Only 2 if you start on or… are on 4 position cuz of luck.
Then he can spartan and will get 1 falcon :smiley:

And when you on 1 range you can hammer him for nice dmg :smiley:
And getting to 4 range


4 refill + charge = 1 legendre pff . fiftieth In progress
good luck the friends


At least in campaign, mine has shot more than 1,100


I had some funny bug if i good remember on raid.
I shoted for 1 dmg more than i should in max dmg.

Yes there was no - resistance ;D


Cough I did some research i opened 50 mix boxes from portal, while portal was active , no fortune boxes were harmed during the opening.

So this is what i invested into portal : 12 refills = 360 tokens, a lot of time , total fuel wasted 896 , runs done 112.

And this is what i recived: …
Total item amount : 130
Epics : 46 ( 35,4% )
Rares : 81 ( 62,3% )
Comons : 3 ( 2,3% )
Legendaries: 0 ( 0% )

No legendaries absolutely none!
Conclusion: I feel ripped off big time!!! Considering i support this game for quite some time and they don’t buff the drop rates! Don’t see reason for further investment, SM should buff legendary drop rates by A LOT. Very disapointed, not recomend to anyone! If you dont belive me, I took screenshoot of each box i opened!
Worst portal ever , atleast for me!


Give screenshots pls :exclamation:
All off them XD ha ha ha :heavy_heart_exclamation:


No problem, you want me to post them here or send to you personaly?