You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


9 Refills and 10 Viking Hammers


Lol! Yo Yo Man, you “deletor”. Ah, nice way to avoid the flags.



Keep on topic!
Rc1 ignore that please.

Stay on topic ffs.


so @Sarah247 today we got a item portal there is no other one on thursday ?


This hammer is soooooo nice looking :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Send it here.


Nice! Is it yours?
The stats lok fine


guys that is without 20% don’t forget :slight_smile:


It’s gonna do a hefty punch this one :slight_smile:


yup i think it will be so good with valiant sniper :slight_smile:


that regn dmg too wow :open_mouth:


ok so after 100 runs this the result

Ithink it’s on par (ca) with Dynamite boots portal because it’s an Epic portal



Yes it’s mine haha, been waiting and planning for this hammer since i heard the news


Congrats! :smiley:


After 4 refill I have obtained:

  • A legendary Typhon torso

  • Several epic hammers (myth food, I’m not energy)

  • 2 disconnections (1 of them made it down in the ranking list)

  • Several of these rare “fake search” screens

But today I’m with the flu at home and I can not go to the office, the portal is good … lol


And is too easy portal…

That was my idea to make this :

I meaned not nerf drop ( was already fucking down) but, still they made what i wanted…
Increased importance of premium packs :heavy_heart_exclamation: :wink:

Now you have equal chance to get legends from IP for 350 tokens refills and Premium pack .

Thank you very much Tacticsoft :heart_eyes:


I didn’t win one on the campaign portal…I got one in an ITEM BOX…
Surprised the frack outta me!!!


The portals to hard. I did not even get a hammer. Can you get one from an item box?


It’s not to hard, you are too weak.
Just upgrade and make hard, when you can.


But can some one buy a premuim box tell me if