You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


You are missing 6 of them for a complete build.


Trust me that past portals are better.

Of course that they nerfed it because for fuqing money.


Not every weapon is designed for rank 1 :wink:


Portals were too generous with 5-10 legends per 1000 tokens . The subjective nature of all things SM such as drops , damage in battles, items in boxes , forum rule enforcement …, it all give me a WTF attitude .


330 tokens = 11 refils
+daily 20 fuel and clan 30 fuel
=853 fuel
grinding since around 14:00 until now (16:50)
2h 50 min = 170 min
853+34=887 fuel
each run made on hard > 8 fuel/run
887/8= ~111 runs
74 boxes + 5 fortune + ~6 boxes which I didn’t stock = ~85 boxes in total
85/111= ~77% droprate


What’s your xp ?


can i max it before portal finishs ?


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I mean image.

You can get this in :slight_smile: :

  • arena box

  • daily box

  • clan premium box

  • premium box

  • silver boxes

Many on chat got it already so.

“ONLY IN THE Item Portal” sentence is very confusing for newbies, and " not weis’est "

Someone know Lightning Scope :question:

Was here Lighting Scope Portal :interrobang: NO

And many already got this, even though it’s L-M item…

More refresh tokens :question:

And that’s why i’m happy i’m going very casual on this game now, instead of no live gaming to this moment.

For me : 4-12 legends from 350-450 tokens.

Last IP 360 tokens = 12 legends :smiley:
4-5 L-M

“You have been waiting for it…” a propo, who waited for this :question: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:scream: Yes i’m back :grin:


sure with enough gold :slight_smile:


is that enough ?

i didn’t buy those by the way
just farmed them :slight_smile:


I just don’t believe you…

You made 1 run in ~40 sec :interrobang:

170min / 111 * 60 =~40 sec.


Anyone got myth stats of the hammer yet?


O_O does.

Too bad that he’s not on the forums.


Ah, dang it. Well I guess I better go try the portal and hope to get something that isn’t C-E.


Vuhú!! finally :smiley:


what did u get ??:face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused:



Wut did you evun getu?


Murmur - First time i had this item so, very happy :smiley:
Got it on 80th run




This is not normal.


wow bro congrats :smiley:
that is the best heat drone
and u r a heat mech lol