You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


Think i will stop at 100 runs


Nice word play :laughing:


It seems that very few players actually got one, some got 2+

I’m not gonna stress about anything in this game anymore though. It’s no big deal.


IF the GOD will NOT show me a Yellow card I’m gonna quit this portal :rofl::joy::joy::sweat_smile::laughing:


I got a fair share of rares that I’m going to use as fuelk,in order to max my stuff.
That and a couple epics,no leggy.


i hope u get it soon :slight_smile:


at least u got some thing
this is 9 runs and 4 rares -_-


at least u don’t get 3 boxes from 8 runs


i just said 4 rares 9 runs
that means 2 boxes from 9 runs


first refill :no_mouth::no_mouth:


Can you please send me you User ID? Thanks!


Can you please send me your user id?


Is this normal that legy drops have nerfed?


Anybody max this items yet ?




I am quessing it has the same stats for dmg as the flaming hammer, and the same stats of heat but for nergy, and same cooldown for regen.
Dont really see it very usefull… because of the weight… and the existence of SC that … kills you from range 3-6.
And the fact that it pushes oponent for only one shot of bunker… and against 700 energy phis builds… VS is kinda of weak… you die befor you can drain, while with dual bunkers and buldog… you kinda have a better chance to kill befor you die… if RNG.


I haven’t been waiting for it.
330 tokens burned, 74 boxes opened, 18 hammers but only a shitty desert furry?


Of course . Everything is weak after the nerf . That is why it was so important to have it . Whatever . Who even cares anymore .


Jesus christ.


Ever since TS made the portals only 1 day long, the legendary drop rate were nerfed af. Also the drop rate of boxes went from around 80% to around 50%. It has made portals not worth the time or effort.