You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer


Stai calm ca tine si de noroc :laughing:. eu am irosit 180 tokenuri si tot n-am apucat o legendara la Falcon portal


@Kn0Tn0YT You liked Horia’s reply in which he speaks romania.
Maybe you’re romanian as well?


I accidentally clicked like on his post xd


Si eu abia dupa 8 refilluri am dat de un Falcon.


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Game decided to give me more rares.
I have 3 things to say.

  1. Fuq this game
  2. Fuq my life
  3. Fuq my computer I am throwing it off the cliff


3 runs=2 rares so we r same or maybe i’m worst :slight_smile:


ok there seems to be a lot of some connection issues to the server today.

Have gotten this multiple times

Which changes to this


3 RUNS with no box in a row again


I am doing 3 runs rn
This is my third run. I am on insane mode.


Hold up now.
Soo i guess at insane you can easly get legy now?


hard is better it gives better chances of epics and legs




If this is true,then this is not fair for players with no premium items like crimson rapture or valiant sniper. etc…:wink:


I said legy lmao.


I’m blind lmao.


This is actually the first time I’m not even bothering to farm a portal. Even though I have plenty of tokens, I have just been gradually put off these things, plus put off from buying boxes. My time is more valuable than the crap I’m gonna get, plus I’ve nothing to upgrade either. All 3 mechs are completely maxed in every item.

I will just use the fuel I’m given and hope for a Falcon.


I’m only farming for curiosity :slight_smile:


u didn’t falcon from the falcon’s portal?


OMG 8 reffils an still no legy