You have been waiting for it.......Viking Hammer




got it from insane :slight_smile:


Some viking soilders you got here.


lol yeah 3 in one box is a lot


lo you got you wish alright :joy:


I don’t want the damn hammer.
I want the fricking shot guns


now it’s ok with me i will spend 3 refills if i didn’t get legens i will stop


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If the boss was the claw boss I would have thrown my computer out the window
Thank GOD it is the EMP boss


Wow,this portal has very bad drops.
4 refills and not a single legend,be it Myth Food or a L-M.


I hate my life


I landed one of these as well.


Ayy lmao we’re same.


Nu esti singurul care nu a luat legendare in decursul acestui portal :wink:




Dap,are drop rate-uri cam nasoale.Falcon portal chiar dadea legendare dupa legendare,dar asta abia de da epice…


Heres the thing.
I actually like the color blue.
But because of this portal.
I kinda feel uneven about it.


Well better then to get a common from one of these :slight_smile:


for the first time i got a epic from normal’s for box but it wasn’t the hammer :expressionless:


I take it that you mean it has been a while since you got an epic from a normal box