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Then TS won’t profit anything from it’s games anymore.

You know, Large Video Game Companies needs money in order to pay the people working to make updates for a game.

… Unless they are constantly making mistakes or bad updates (Not including bugs and glitches, that’s normal for game development), which results in being kicked out.

Also, if a company doesn’t get any profit from its games, that would result in either :

  1. Raise the price or create a sale of Premium Items/High Currency in-game
  2. Abandon/Delete the game altogether


TS is profiting from its hypercasual mobile app version of battle dawn “battle dawn : earth arena” I believe. I imagine we’ll see a shift in developer focus shortly like happened in 2013 when the devs stopped producing updates for battledawn for years untill alex came along and made one of his oiwn because they put everything into supermechs.

also I dont think your equation is accurate. I doubt there was much profit from sm reloaded.


Yeah but, at least there “was” profit… OF about 0.05$.


I’m a mathematician, bro haha.
But you’re right, I do not think they get a lot of money because I doubt that players will spend on chips, but anyway, I’m annoyed by those ambitious techniques.


Are you really…

Then, explain why 1+1=2 rather than 1+1 not equal 3 where three can be two or even four can be two.



I explain, the 2 is an internal algebraic assumption and anthropomorphic attributes, that is, 1 + 1 = 2


The simplest answer would be that we as kids were brain wash (or teached) to know that 1+1=2


Well… You are right bro