You cant make a review until you play it


hi hi :rabbit2: Namy here!!!

First, thanks and congrats for the new update of tonight, its awesome on certain points…

Second, thanks for low the regen of fuel to 7 mins, :rotating_light: make the bar get fulled on little more than 2 hours :alarm_clock:, turning back the game to a regular game, and not ocational boring one… :sleepy:


1.- why the normal level of campaing is ended? maybe because we have the old campaing ended too, or its a normal thing on the game…? :confused:

2.- new mith, wow… :scream: nice desing, blue with one little ice shard… but 65 cooling!!! :rage:ok 58kg is heavy… and its a way to beat those double lava spray monster, ok… but why? why dont bring us a combined module with heat and energy in place of more cooling first? :disappointed_relieved:

3.- perks are now myths, cool :slight_smile: (sadly if they down the drop ratio of usefull items).

4.- the chat and the invs still bugged… yeah after some battles the waiting screen still disapear and make bugged the battle invs (invitation declined) for all players until you restart… but the battle is more soft and quick, after 40 battles i didnt lagged or bugged, so its a draw point :slight_smile:

5.- you still can force battles on chat, yeah fight by force vs players…:smiling_imp: one guy send you battle, after fight and one big gg you lost, :rage: you are angry :rage:, the other guy send to someone else battle and buum, for you the invitation is there, you push the green arrow and kaboom, the forced battle begin…(the guy didnt send it to you, you inspect his name and the invitation is there) :astonished: not always work, need the other guy be waiting for battle vs another people to happen…

6.- farm will be a nightmare :sob: (more because my mech need 16 millions sm to buy items and lvl up 1 single item (legs)… process than before this update take 10 to 14 hours of hard work… now will take weeks… yeah weeks only to get 1 more lvl (from 10 to 11, 80k to 154k). :sob:

:hugging: lot of things, some goods for game, some nightmares too; but is not my game so i cant decide what is good or what is bad for the baby :family_men_boy:, the only thing than i can decide is if i will keep playing or look for another game.

:vulcan: i hope dont be on the edge of take that decision, i love this game :kiss: and is a therapy for me, so lets play!!!

tnx for reading :rabbit: