Yooooooo i got a claw!

Finally. I got that mf.

However, i want to ask. Currently im maxing a zarkares for my main mech torso. And i will change my legs too. However, i got the new heat legs from the portal too, so i was wondering:
Should i use the claw on my main ,ech or the new legs?
Also, can you show me a good heat build? Huh? @L4K3? anyone else?


I don’t do heat, but if the massive stone feet have said anything USE THE DAMN LAVA FEET. They still give good af hp, they’re lightweight to account to have more stuff on ur mech in general, and the res drain and bonus exp res you get with the legs to boot. (you get 14 from the legs at mythical i think.)

(edit) and you can actually move when necessary lol


i mean, it depends a lot on your strategy, the claws can’t actually walk, so u might need as well some movement weapon like mighty cannon or night eagle, but again, it depends on your strategy, and judging by your weapon formation, i think u can do perfectly fine with claws if u learn how to use them well, but they might not be the BEST legs for a heat mech, that’s true…

Im not any expert so pls correct me if i say something stupid, is just that i dont like to give hearts for no reason, i wanna try to help

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i think i will use the claw for my 2nd physical mech then.


Can u show me your phys mech too?

For heat builds, don’t use claw. Use the new legs.

Only heat build exception would be hugger.


he arrives ( aaaaghggh 20 characters)

well, currently its unbuild. I have a maxed backbreacker, the hsa torso, am non-maxed mythical rock recoiler and the claw i will use. However, i also have the physical side weapon unrepaired laser cannon, however if i use claw i cant use it. I also have a tonto.
This is only the idea. Currently it isnt still a physical mech, only a trashy hybrid.
here is a pic if u wanna see tho:

what other legs do you have? (if you have iron boot or massive rock, use those obv if you also want to be more physical with the Unrepaired Laser cannon.

i dont have the massive rock, but iron boots are pretty easy to get.
@CleverName? Should i use claw for 2nd?

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With a Claw?

Unless you also have a TerrorBlade/at the very least a heat sword,not really.

I mean you can for that, sure. But you need help with your mods - energy/heat stats should take high priority.

I can show a few heat build once my co pilot is off my account

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I’ll do the honors instead, Hon.

You dont have some stuf that i have

Nor do you. anyways~

Terror blade instead of backbreaker- for hugger help- ask pyra. But for dual shotgun builds… Also ask that SHADOE WOLF THIEF AAAAAA