Yo this update bro

This update is waaaay to greedy, This update is way to focused on coins and tokens, new weapons are way to op what tf kinda electric deathpunch does over 300 dmg? I try to make the most out of everything i have and that is still not enough to win againt the AVERAGE player do not even mention top players. Even tho I managed to be rank 8 using ild items its still just the raw power of these items and unbalanced gaming makes it unfair, they should at least give us old players a chance, many people are leaving sm and I will probably too.

UPDATE: defeated by a rank 2 , that’s how broken this game is, not trying to be salty but by same elec deathpunch and such other op weapons. Insane hp, insane cooling and insanly op weapons


level 6 get 100 damage weapons… gg

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100 win streak already. [broken af]

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Electric death punch dmg update…898
Electric sword dmg update …456
electric top wep dmg update… 314
heat laser wepon thingy…looks like a sniper rifle… 140 heat dmg and 220 dmg
WTF is going on here… the game is broken beyond anything.
The only guys that benefit from this is the one that had hundreds of millions and billions in their account.
The old player…well we are dead.
Probably gonna leave too… fack this sheet… it’s way too broken.


heat hook… cost no energy… heat dmg 80… dmg 280… 280 dmg on a facking hook?
Charge … cost no energy… dmg 380…380 dmg on a facking charge?

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We top players are now not even standing a chance, like I would be dead if I got hit with the elec deathpunch. Plus all the money we spent is going to waste. Its on sided batle against new players, anf they dont even commit as much as we do! I am not a p2w but I rather it be balance than us completly losing.

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