Yesss portal victory


I have been questing after one of these beasts for a while. However sm has bestowed to me the greatest crown jewel you can possibly acquire from and raid…

The Gumiho. It is the very coveted r-e type of torso. I was originally upset when sm decided to replace the revenance torso on ramboy with the gumiho. But, the fact you could run ramboy and get a guarateed drop was… Actually epic.

No more.

It is kind of like getting a nice 54 vette with a 6 cylinder. It reminds you of times past, but doesnt quite perform. Thank you $m, for showing me a nice relic of the past. While i ran run missions endlessly, i am consistently awarded with charcoal (which is excellent for grilling meat ron swanson style) and … Nothing. Half the time.

Thanks for reminding me of the good ole days, but times evolve, people drive electric cars. They want the cars to drive for them.

#revive ramboy


yay <20yayayayayayayayay>


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Items that don’t go mythical are a mistake