Yes that's it im done

Special thanks to @Kaen @Zarkares for helping me take this huge step towards becoming a better human and making life more productive

I now officially retire from SM - I’m not allowed to post pictures of how I did it, but anyways my account is worse than a 3 day old account now lol , so no point in playing anymore. I’ll be around though might check in once in a while … the spam sections is the only thing worth reading here lol

I hope I become a successful person in the future. Was fun fighting you all with virtual robots that never existed and of which no one other than some people over on the Internet knew of, and also leaving behind all the achievements and “premium weapons” I have acquired, which have not helped even a tiny bit in my real life . Yes I realised the only thing I achieved after spendig 5 years on this game is 10 MB of data stored In a server somewhere , which by no means add no value to my life .

I wish I had never clicked that link on the side of my browser images


Finally, you’re gone. Just kidding, dude, I don’t hate you at all. :3

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