Yes rank 10 gggggggggg




Me too,me too,yas!


Nice! Congrats :smiley:
10 more ranks until rank 1 :slight_smile:


i m rank 2 now XD yeyyyyyyyyyy


congrats i also reached rank 10 (but im scared to even go fight now… specially with energy mechs lurking)


yeah i really know that feeling ( when you have 0 stars) XD


me to


Great,I ran outta likes
So I’ll just do this:



i am out too i hate it


I guess I’ll so it again,here you go:


Just for you.

Btw,let’s try not to spam this thread,please :sweat_smile:


Wait, you’re GD Charles? I swear I fought a mech like that with their name containing “GD”.


Yep, I’m GD Charles.


What’s your in-game name?




Somebody just liked this pic.
Oh my God,this is so old.This is before the 2v2 era if I remember correctly,when I used a Zarkares energy build with a Windforge.

Brings back memories :heart:

I also used to have a much higher rank back then,when things such as 3v3 were really based on pure skill,and a lot less by mere luck.


I remember back then when I still had a profile picture.