Yes a crappy and interesting idea , quality


Me and my brothers , since we are all playing this game , me , Kriss and TechnoDive , were thinking of this idea for like , 1 year maybe 2? So let me tell you whats what with this

Idea :

  • Its a tournament that happens every month , where 2 clans are randomly selected , to fight each other , player vs player , the clan with the most wins gained from this battle wins.

Persay your clan killed 19/24 players from the enemy clan , and they killed 5/24 from your clan , means that your clan would win

  • There will be a LOT of tiers to this , such as Tier I to maybe Tier X , tier X is the lowest as your clan will have a very low rank .

Tier I will be top 6 , Tier II would be 6-20 and Tier III would be 20-50 etc.

Rules :

  • Only one battle per player

  • Floor Buffs allowed MAYBE

  • Only Legendary / Mythical items to tier I - V and all rarities to tier VI - X

Rewards :

  • 20 Tokens and 50K SM Coins per battle .

  • The value of tokens multiplies to the number of players your clan killed , say your clan won 17 battles , means 17x20=340 Tokens

I really hope this would become a feature .

  • Kry , Kriss & TechnoDive


so, clan wars with randomly assigned opponents? that sounds neat
but your “tiers” system seem to be pointless. It is clan rank should be determined by strenght and performance in clan wars - not vice versa. So everyone can fight everyone. Reward for this and its relationship with difference in opponent ranks is other question…


Primary idea is good
Secondary attributes need to be modified