Yes a active RPG after so long


So Guys since i see the forum so active again
How about a RPG
Like Mafia Vs Town
King Of The Hill
Complete story etc

You guys do remember right?

And if we have activity we can request the team to hold them once a month for bonus blues
of course you have to sign up in time(MOD Reply)

Well If anyone likes my suggestion,Make a game and a sign up topic for it and start it later when its ready, DONT forget to invite me :smiley: :smiley:
I cant do its hosting since im not that active


I really do love this idea, however…

This game as it is, does not have that active of a community (YET) or player base for them to implement something completely new like this. If it were to fail it could be a huge setback in the company. This is a topic I would like to revisit in the next couple of months though!


Umm its nothing new we used to have those, a lot

And for now we can just play it without any rewards

And As for activity
We can set the time,24 hours day 24 hours night or something

Just bringing back spam like the rest of the forum we need spam back too


I was unaware! sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, this can be set up even without mods helping for the time being. I’ll have to wait and see bout the blues as a reward. Personally, I’m not opposed to the idea, but I also am not the final say on this :sweat_smile:

But I would highly suggest running a game of mafia or something without the reward for a test anyways. Many simply may not know what it is or how it works. So it’s always good to have a game for reference up ^^


Yea but we need someone to host one



This is great idea! i will suggest some Great mode too hehehe


There is a spam section under off topic! :slight_smile:

Maybe someone wants to copy the old ruleset? :slight_smile:

If a mod is willing to make sure its done fairly (maybe someone else too… can skype me: dreamerofdestruction) I am willing to add a blue reward to this. Not sure if its needed to have some fun though!