Yeeeeee... done bigboy


I got nightfall from some free box, then fused to mythical and this happened, I done BigBoy at Overlords Den.

once again.


congrats @FiringBot


niccccccccce so where did you get the legendary from? Anyways, nice mech. I see that Seraph Blade. Do me a favor by getting rid of the supreme canon and change the legs to rolling beasts. Still, nice job! :smile::wink:


First of all,I really get mad when people post a photo to show they got a legendary,but they don’t post the other face of the card to actually show that one legendary!
Seriously people,that’s annoying!
Better of not uploading the picture in the first case.
I’m gonna go with ‘‘Proof or never happened’’ in this case.
2nd of all,this is the ‘‘Introduce yourself’’ thread.
You should post this in the Spam Gallery.
3rd of all…It’s not really a realisation to be blunt.
I completed the Hard version of BB with a mech considerably weaker than yours…Plus it’s just Hard,not Insane mode…Plus that mech only that a single mythical at that time,that being Windigo,which I didn’t have maxed either.
4th of all,you might know me already.
You know that I’m gonna comment on everything that has a ‘‘thing’’.
And I’m talking about the BackBreaker.Y’all know I absolutely hate that one hammer.


Not hating.
Don’t get me wrong…


Seraph+BB could be a good CQC comba I think ^^


I didn’t say it’s bad (in this topic at least).
I mean it is pretty bad by itself but combined with another sword it might really break bones.
But that’s not the point…

I just hate that that thing.Good or bad,whatever…Remains the same for me :laughing::rofl:


just like how i hate windigo…

btw that hammer is just a glorified meat cleaver…


What do you mean by that ?


It’s useful for cutting meat

Maybe , he is right cuz it sucks against mechs


sorry…i meant meat tenderizer…



np ^^ It was strange to me that you use an hammer to cut meat XD


bad choice of words…:grinning:


Thanks atleast now I can use it for something