Yeah yeah of course I'm still around

Okay, so starting next school year, I will be gone, but, I am here. Well, I’m almost crying because I missed you guys, as you are.all pretty much !y only friends. Rn…


Do not be alarmed because of my sudden appearance as if I came out of nowhere… I’m still somewhat new to the forums so of course there’s an extremely high chance that we have never met. To sum things up, I am Whiteout/Leberecht Maass and I’m a rank 12 in-game as well as a daily visitor of the forums, so I tend to appear out of nowhere sometimes.

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That’s fine :grinning: as you know, I am chief, and although I don’t mean to be rude, I consider myself to be one of the most popular consumers (in terms of posting, responding, and overAll saying anything.)

Oh, also, I am a tank 10 heavy resist phys drainer mech.

I’m just a rank 12 heater with a burning shower and iron frenzy that honestly seems more like myth food than an actually useful L-M due to its underwhelming stats… Also, I have a secondary energy mech that is designed to torment those with bad regeneration.

If you want to escape, you’re gonna have to outrun the missiles and orbs that are trying to pull you back into the DawnBlaze + Corrupt Light/Malice Beams

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Dude, it’d be ashamed if you quit. I had a hard time knocking down your mechs in clan wars. I didn’t think it was good until I saw my low scores on your mechs.

Anyway, rip your mechs… :bouquet:


@rc1 @MasterChief Well, I hope you both are ready for a potential gamechanger… Because there might be a chance that my randomizer drone (which is actually random, unlike the frantics that can go screw themselves for being non-random failures) may be added to the game. Also, chances are that the “Exponential Equinox” drone is going to be added first… But I don’t know if it is actually going to be added or not.


Wait, what. WhaT clan are you in.

Good job on your mechs. I’m in the original Reign.

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