YEAH,I got a Valiant Sniper from the portal!

I have gotten 4 leg from the portal 3 were premium abomination,the claw,and valiant sniper.


… What is it with these people’s luck…


On the portal that was supposed to give you a lot of leg I got none so this might be making up for that. :slight_smile:

ok , i got to get a second one now.

Good job…
Now get 2 of them…
Cause you will be op af.

I got two legends in one box :slightly_smiling_face:

what were they? and nice

damn, thats a nice ronin torso

all these items you’ve received on hard mode?

I got rares!
Yeah,good job (luck) on your Valiant.

And another one… congratulations

thanks everybody sadly i am not using a elictrician build but when i get a ash creator and 2 bunkershells then i will build one


just put it on another mech…

I know but it is not worth it right now

Valiant sniper = Possibly one of the best and most overpowered energy weapon outside from ash creator and bunker shell

I know i guess i will try and fit it in

lucky you i just got you all know what from the portal

what did you get from the portal

nothing good not even a legendary

sorry man hope you get something good soon