Yayyyyy! TS can please me, if they want

As much as I am pissed at this butterknife buff:

there is something TS corrected with this patch! The shitty scroll glitch which defaulted the campaign map to Big Boy easy mission is gone. @Sarah247, tell the devs thank you from me, just after you tell them to nerf the butternife…


Thats cool i guess , makes farming portals more efficient (like it was)

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Mate. “The butter knife buff”… you killed me…


Max 400 dmg would be okay i think

They fixed the scroll bug.

But introduced a new one in Raid. Try leaving a fight between a mob/boss and watch yourself get instantly disconnected.

As if the dropping all your HP to 50 bug wasn’t bad enough.

(keep in mind I only did the latter due to low rolls and not wanting to restart the mission over and over again).

WTF you are talking about? I skipped a lot of the last raid (only earned like 100 tokens), but if your information is correct, than it sucks big time! Dropping HP to 50? What the hell???

It was a bug I personally reported to sarah.

If you left the fight prior to your attack hitting or the mob moving (if it survived). Your HP would drop instantly to sub 50s.

Now if you leave, it disconnects you instantly.


Wat is RB?

Rong Balance of the game! They nerfed it again! Tru Butterknife buff…

Ur kidding me?

Pls send me a screenshot.


On the other hand, Den6 (Insane) has given me close to 100% drops so far.

Good ones, too. Rares are a common sight.

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What difficulty?

This seems to be true.
Boxes everytime.
Rares everytime.

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How is ramboy nerfed?

Look at my topic, HP/DMG all nerfed.

I tought it was a feature xD Because of this, every time I got the “high roll” or whatever you call it, I always refreshed whole page.

I did too at first. Even more so after PM Sarah about it and not even getting a reply at all about it.

Of course you wouldn’t like this update.
As an energy user,us physicals would inflict more damage on you.
What if I were to ask a nerf to the Valiant,eh?Would you be happy then?

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And trust me,with the Heat Bomb and the upcoming EMP,we’ll need the swords more than anytime.