Yayayay I finally made it yaaaaaaay


(I could not get the picture of the “you made it!” screen coz my game crashed after i took the rewards from the fortune box)
I also got something weird:
wot is dis



Smoldering Drappling Hook, that could be used for a physical and a heat mech. Because it doesn’t use energy. Also, congrats on beating BigBoy for the first time! Look at who is the BigBoy now XD


umm… the actual problem is that the item is named smoldering grappling hook grappling hook


No,the items is called Smoldering Grappling Hook and is a grappling hook as a category.
Just like Squinch is called Squinch and its category is as a drone:


Oh,by the way,good job on finishing BB and the gampaign in normal mode alike.
Good luck on hard!


I just noticed I said DRAPPLE and not GRAPPLE.


What…? :hushed::hushed:


Hard mode!
You just completed the Normal mode.
You still have a long journey,my friend,that you will succeed in :wink:


I can’t

I can

(meng sorry for that but hard mode is way too HARD (that’s why is it called hard))


For now.
You’ll get there,no worries :slight_smile:


Ok, I understand, and now, I’d like to ask for something from you… HOW DO I USE INKSCAPE???


Just try drawing something,using all the tools and you’ll learn what they do.
I won’t tell you as it’s 10 more fun doing it on your own and learning as you sprite,little by little :smiley:




Me too.
But yet I stayed around 14 hours working for that first Infernal Sith build and many other hours on my other sprites.


that’s impatient? (no offense)


I’m gonna tell you a little secret… I won’t make a sprite :3


I beat Hard BB with a physical mech. Man, I should switch mech types, it took me literally forever to beat. Physical is the hardest to do campaign with.




I feel like Elcent is like he feared emperor of the forum lol


i think so i guess mabye