Yay! Friggin hate discourse for making me write a proper title god ugh dnanahahshssnm

Finally beat him in reloaded.

Ended up getting a rare and a common. Before you got myths for beating him. FIX YOUR GAME TACTISOFT!!!

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Normal mode is easy enough for anyone with a 1000+ HP mech to rip through. Try hard/insane mode, just a bigmore challenging.

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also. change those legs will you :wink: :question: Nice mech though :smiley:


Congratulations @Chicken_Drink

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I hate to spoil your happiness but its not a big achievement,bigboy has useless cooling

(no offense)

I was using physical…

Congratulations! Now you have a challenge to beat it as hard, then insane. I have done it as hard already. :wink: