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Hello Everyone,:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I Have Started A New YouTube Channel :heart:

There Will Be Battles, Gameplays, Portals And More…:jack_o_lantern:

Visit My Channel :heart_eyes:


Check Out My Latest Video Here :heart_eyes:


I honestly think that people post up videos to show their mech to everyone… not that I am saying that is your specific motivation. I just do it for fun, but no one really watches any of mine. So for now we have Kig Blinc, TheWolfPreys. Bestplayeroftheworld, and you oof. All of those people are stronger den me oof. Mostly rank 1 2 3 and 4 from what I see (Besides TheWolfPreys.)



I have gone below after 2v2 update
I still manage to get into 3rd rank

Which rank are you?

Best Wishes


I’m rank 8.
Though my mech is pretty bad for rank 8.
13 PM
This was posted in one of the topics I made a month back. Just reposted it up to keep it alive.


You Will be strong once you have maxed your items to mythicals


Trying to do that as of right now. Though, great video! Hope you do better in youtube than me xD


Best Wishes for Your YouTube Channel too :gift:


My Latest Video :heart_eyes:


This could be useful.


Doing Some ladder Battles…





Premium Boxes REDEFINED


The acctual tokens you have there.