Yall's Pet Peeves


Mine is where people talk to me although i didnt ask them nor said hello


when people do that “whats your pet peeve thing” … just to vent their pet peeves


When inferior mere mortals make new topics on my forum. Like this one


Mine is when people that are strong, that alredy rule the game complain about people stronger than them.
Two faced fake people irritate me, people that act like they want to help others but in fact it is so obvious they only care about themselves…

Fake people set me off…


I agree with you 1000%


Spenders who pretend their :moneybag: is skill


Spenders that beat spenders have skill…


Well it does take skill to earn a lot of money, enough to use a bunch on a game and still have enough left over to live.


Thats why Battle Dawn made me happy. In SM, if you beat a spender, they dont lose anything but score and possibly any dignity they had left. But in BD, the tokens you use would be used to get army or resources, and when you beat a spender (meaning, kill their army and nuke them into oblivion) they lost a bunch of money. It was so much more satisfying. Then when i became a spender, it was painful as heck. I would build and level up an army for 3 months and spend up to $1000 to have a dank and powerful large army. And at one point during a huge war, accidentally fall asleep on the frontline without moving my army back and get nuked and fricked, or get locked down by an enemy spy and fricked to heck. I would hate myself for a long time after that


My pet peeve isnt BD or SM related. I hTAAE when ppl drive slow as heck in the fast lane and u gotta switch lanes just to be able to go at the speed limit.


I’ve seen your replays, you can build (and use) a good mech.
The spenders I’m referring to are tryhards who buy their myths, throw a mech together, and win because strategy is useless against their full myth mechs


Thank you :heartpulse: