Ya'll old players, need some advices here

Hi everybody, just me bothering you here.

Here is the thing, İ do start to get bored in game. Why?

My build is physical, and almost all maxed myth (a few modules remaining), i also have a set of heat weaponry in stock (almost maxed as well). İt is an assumed “different build”, i do not like standards builds.
For some reasons, i have been bedded for some weeks and played a lot. İ do navigate between top rank 3 and rank 5, licking rank 2 time to time (guys playing a lot know how ranks can fluctuate).
On another hand, ill probably hit level 150 today.
Beside paying a lot and/or being extremely lucky, i dont have much room for powering up, or evolving my game.

Aware of that i went for the “clan experience” to enhance my game experience… Unfortunately for the top 5/6 clans that would recruit, guys like me are just canon fodders for wins, here to help satisfy the targets of some “core members”… So much for the “clan brotherhood feeling” i was looking for.

So guys, any advice for me to keep loving the game?

Cheers ya’ll

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Stop playing the game if you’re bored. If you wasted money on this game, I can understand why you’d want to continue this cycle of addiction and misery, but you could honestly be spending time on something much more productive.


Thanks for the insights mate. İ bought token once out of anger but i am a f2p.
This cycle you mentioned is exactly where im heading, not there yet tho; an trying to avoid getting there.

Talk about perseverence!
Unfortunately,I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell you because I haven’t found myself in that posture (yet and hopefully no time soon).
Plus I have to upgrade my little minions every day so I have what to do in this game :3
I’d normally tell you to maybe start another build but you said you wouldn’t have the patience…
Even then,I think you should try.If you get bored halfway then that’s it,at least you know you tried.
I,for instance,felt so proud when I opened my clan,posted an announcement on this forum and saw that,the next morning,the clan was 24/24,mostly with guys (actually,I can call them buddies and even friends) I know from here.
Maybe give it a shot launching a clan as well?
You could make some more close buddies like that.Now,with the new clan rewards,it might also motivate you to do your best for their sake as a leader.

Other than that,I really don’t know…And I’m sorry you reached this point,when you don’t enjoy it anymore.Even I feel bad,after seeing how much effort and thought you put in that mech…Just when I got to know it too!

You know…We discussed it a little :slight_smile:
I’ll keep this as a spoiler because it could potentially ruin another joke :’)