XP limit = 150 // your opinions

Maximizing “experience” is set to end with 150.
- should it be changed?

  • Imo “XP” just shows how long somebody is a player of SM (since years is possible)
    and/or if this player plays a lot (mainly in campaign, cause this creates much more xp than in PvP). Less it shows the skills of a player or the quality of his/her strategy.
  • It’s good to avoid the making-the-better-still-better:
    so I agreed and support the lowering of rewards for top 3 clans and players!

But now, with reaching the current XP limit,

  • little bit it gaves me the feeling to be inferiored
    because standard rewards are not available anymore.
  • differences between players are going to flattened.
    Soon you will see 150s as a new big group in the ranks…

What are your opinions to this limit?

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My opinion or idea, is if a player reached the limit of EXP = 150 the system should automatically be rebooted to 1 again get to rewards, new campaign, so all players would be motivated to play more because in these times there is no they see many players online like they used to be.


Do.you remember earlier it was 30 ? Lol

Maybe when more player get 150 they will add more

like 1500 :)))))))))

reaching 150 - has seriously crippled my ability to make gold … so those other mechs that was just getting ready to work on - … well now , who knows.

like i have said before …i started the day after reloaded dropped. came into a game with blood running in the streets :slight_smile: . but i stayed -
I was 90 before the xp boost. - so i was able to make a decent mech in 5 months - now - looks like 10 months to max the next… /cry