X2 Fuel Regeneration Yes!


I wish I used all my 500 fuel on grinding now :frowning:

This is even better.

But RIP Portals,forum.


Nice tittle.


Ahahaha what in your healthy mind were you thinking by over-capping fuel?

I wanted to ask you that, both you and Transcendant a few days ago. I just don’t get it …

Could have gotten legy items out of fortunes like me. But meh, who needs those.

Transcendant has almost everything though. So it does actually make some sense to save up for potential portal. Since neither gold nor fortunes are very needed.

Might as well lose some more efficiency and crush the records in saved up fuel.


Shit…!!! Where is my item portal…???

Madness… madness… madness… sale… sale… sale…we want item portal…!!!


you forgot the point that is not worth it, cause theygather fuel and dont play campaign, so they dont get the daily 10 tokens. 3 days =30 tokens=1 refill. 1 refill =80 fuel, saving energy =+20/day, 3 days 60 fuel

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again? it’s really no matter what pff

You can repeat the same raids 3 times and fulfill the daily quest.

Guess I didn’t forget anything hahaha.
Only raid 6 could create problems for them.

But yeah, 3 days for 60 fuel is just total efficiency kill. I mean you can do that for the record or if you wanna joke and got nothing better.

It’s just really, unfavorized by me.

But then again yeah, good point. I mean, I didn’t forget it. It simply kills the efficiency as said. I don’t understand logics behind such.

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When will be increased drop on premium packs? (New item)


I still get it lol

I just don’t burn high amounts of fuel. I merely do x3 1v1 campaign missions. The very first ones on normal. Burns at max 6 fuel.

Which allows me to save up and not waste it.

Also Darth, one can’t have everyone. For both winz and my main acc are loaded with fuel and tokens for portals. It’d help boost my main further and get some optional items for builds to try on winz~


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If they are taking a long time I hope it is because they will implement something good …

Nope. Is not for that.

It´s for you to spend tokens that you have saved in something else, and when the portal comes you have to go out and buy tokens to refill.

That’s why they delay.

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Well, I won’t fall easily, I just want my chest event xD!

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I wonder when the next item comes, BUT in portal of course.

Id use this opportunity if i wouldn’t get forced ads all the time :frowning:

use adblocker on pc :boom:

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