Wut is this <screw you discourse>

Yes, I know, not the best picture, but why? (They had common torsos, legacy rollers, and a maxed mythical Facecancer) Also, who’s bestplayeroftheworld?

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Seems like fake one

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Title Fail


Probably an impersonator but i know bestplayerintheworld will see this soon.

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here is a nice pic of it :
betsy cheat
it is a nice exploit that they do:
1.leave clan.
2.start loosing and intentionaly drop rank.
3. get as low as rank 15.
4. rejoin clan.
5. Make easy clan wins, and boxes.
It is a nice little exploit.
It goes well, also to make new clans, like little ones, and then join them for the rewards.


So people abuse matchmaking to get into fights with new players so the bassically get free wins
thats just cheap


I tried that too but only got to rank 8 from 5 lmao

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Yep. Basicly is preying on the weak. A lame and cheap tactic employed to earn some token and boxes, and to avoid fighting the ones on the upper levels.

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