Wtf that not fair for him

very fair rank 2 vs rank 10 !!!

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Second case within two days, seeing this issue. This match making system is severely broken or poorly done.

10/10 best matchmaking ever

would make match again

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Just wait 'till one day the game gets updated and rank 25 players battle rank 1 players

It´s a Roman circus. Lions against children.

They put little players as sandbags to who pay for. So that the payers are entertained and continue paying.

Then, when one of these small players manages to collect some tokens and buy 1 or 2 boxes, they give them garbage.

maybe but Im free to play :slight_smile:

As a rank 1 I have never got a rank 10 or a rank 4 or under for that matter in recent memory… How many times have you got a rank 10 as a rank 1 @Wepwawet? I am willing to bet never. I am not convinced these images are not screen manipulations. If this is a real glitch it needs to be moved to bugs and glitches @Elcent

You are a payer stop acting like you are not.

Im a payer of the average. Not much, not very little. Let’s say that since the update began, you may have invested an average of $ 150 per month.

I don´t give battles, I’m not a demagogue in that,dont like demagogy. But that does not mean that I feel comfortable when I get someone who is below 1,000 in ranking list. I feel it´s unfair. I don´t enjoy that kind of inequality at all.

Opponents of rank 3000 and up to 4000 have appeared to me… believe me, it’s not nice!

I agree this shouldn’t be happening but unsure how best to report this. Perhaps if the users involved give their user IDs and send them into support it may help the team however this is not a common occurrence and therefore may not be enough information to solve :confused:

I think the problem you have is you hunt 3v3 and sit on the shuffle till you force a match with whoever is on. I sit on 1v1 and If I do not get a match in a couple minutes I quit and go do something else. The lack of any 3v3 players or even players of power in 1v1 is the issue causing this. You have said yourself that you get off when any strong player is on and you only hunt matches when weak players are on. So why do you feel that is unfair? You are one of the ones using it to your advantage. It is not a glitch it is the fact that the matchmaking will eventually after time match you with whoever is on, if no one equal is. Should matchmaking just not match you to an opponent if no equal opponent is on? If it did that your new strategy of hunting the weak would not work.

And also the people that are mad they get matched with powerful players can easily check to see who is on and do the same thing you do.

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@bestplayerintheworld @romain8787 are your matches in 3v3? This problem does not exist in 1v1.
It is probably the lack of 3v3 players so you guys are being matched with whoever is in 3v3…

I don’t see anything wrong, this is perfectly fair and balanced.

Oh and remember to buy tokens.

~ SM Team

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