Wtf Replays (halarious actually)

this is funny XD

It’s a broken replay, there are lots and lots of them

oh yeah. and i find em funny tbh. so i wanted to record it.

lol trying for 10 ad revenue

jk this replay is 2 slow

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i know. my chromebook is laggy asf

is it pc lagin or website?

wait wats chromebook?


I aint ur btruha.

Now pls tell me wats chromebook?

thats a chromebook


Laptops are lagy as always man.

well its school issued. ;-;


Can u buy pc this time?

nope. im only 17 and im broke asf

Well that’s just sad.

You will get more views if you get an pc.

Mkay? Ty gl.

thanks and im trying. i know i would get more views. but i lack $

i just never get anything good unless i buy it myself…


Yeah bro I made a video about this too.

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i forgot that i subbed to you XD