Wtf is this? nerf to physicals?


Can anyone explain this to me??? What is going on???
As you probably know, maxxed Interceptor was 1150 HP, and Iron boots gave me about 530 HP. So now instead of exactly 2203 HP my mech is 1865 HP. This is 338 HP LESSS!!! @Sarah247, @Mohadib? What do you have to say to this???


LMAO… next step… buff on wepons… for shorter fights :)))))))))


My hp went down too and energy is up


This should balance the builds a bit… not…well now it makes the phis be a bit more killerish.
Kinda of a good move… phis can now kill energy… also dies faster to heat :))).


Now if they add 0 energy physical drones energy mechs will be totally worthless so I guess that will keep people from complaining energy mechs are to strong…


didnt i tell you this will happen? didn’t i tell you energy will end up at the bottom of the food chain…like in the Legacy version?
They buffed the heat cap on heat torsos, the energy cap on energy torso, slightly increase heat cap and energy cap on phis torsos… and killed all the hp on all torsos.


I knew it would happen too that is why I fought for balancing after more mechs got full mythic. But it is all good, I play this game to kill time and I can still do that no matter how they nerf it.


Wanna bet next thing is battlecredits, for tokens?


God I hope not… :rage:


they changed the weights also…
so hmm now some builds are overweight, some are underweight… nice touch… ha ha ha ha…not.


Yeah I just noticed that now I can have all my weapons and utility weapons…
And I am still under 1000


I think this may seem like a nerf but it looks like all higher things got nerfed.

Therefore there should be less complaints about the difference between epic to myth and therefore make it slightly more balanced on the ladder.


I like it, I am excited about it, I was so bored I am glad they made it more challenging.
If you are in top 10 though it still takes forever to get matches.


they killed the Avenger torso really bad… less cooldown, less regen, less health, and more weight.


They have raised energy on torsos, maybe to make the game more balanced?
Or is it a bug?
Thank you for merging my topic @Elcent.


Also wepons… phis wepons got nerfed…energy wepons stay the same…utility items got nerfed…chage and hook.


WTF… i upgraded Naga cuz it had a low weight… it now weighs 38kg more than previously :confused: but at least the health did go up…


non-myth health and armor remain the same though…


I don’t think any modules have been touched… yet.


drones touched too…all of them, heat weights less 2 kg…hooks weight less… unfair cause heat myth hook weights same as phis now…