Wtf I Drop a mythical?

I was farming The event and I drop a Mythical item and my game crash
that is a bug ??

Its not a joke !

That implies you got the Unicorn horn. Check your inventory for one.


Ah Okey thx for the advice

Why didn’t you take a screenshot of what you got instead of the box ? Lol

because the game crash and I couldn’t open the box


Anyways, it would be cool, having bugs again to have something to laugh

It happened to me too just now, game crashes after showing red box but I got the horn anyways :slight_smile:

come back to BD Merci

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U got horn, happened also to me

Post must be at least 20 characters

I drop it 2 times haha :wink:

Its horn lmao


NOOO DUHH i know its a horn
2am farming

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