Write details about you!


oh no

you used “lol” from “loli”

miss me with that loli propoganda

trophy will be proud of me

(he never is :sob:)


He is proud of you bruh
He is proud of you to be a triple magma gey


Kyaah~! That hurts so much Winz-sama, but I like it~

Why don’t we have a booze party and do something fun after? :wink:




I think this might say it all, for those who will know:

Games: still waiting good sir Gordon freeman



Teh cake is a lie tho


This indicates that i dont speak millenial.



Pfft, it’s all on the same Engine. It HL comes with Portal in the orange box.


Name : Derek
Age : 37
Grade : 19 years past 12th grade
Sexuality : Straight Male
Looks : beard, mohawk, face piercings, angry
Interests : Anime,Games,Music, freestyle BMX, metal fabrication, iron working, fishing

Games played : there aren’t many I haven’t played


Apart from fishing,I think you’re my best match for a husband.




Name: Cody
Age: 16
Grade: 11th (Junior)
Sexuality: Straight Male

See for yourself


Interests: I love to play free, online games, mainly because I get to talk to and interact with the rest of my friends from BTB, and the "ex"BTB members Tho I believe they will always be a part of BTB, as the clan is simply a gathering of friends to work together, chat, and hang out with one another. If I am not playing SM, I play ShellShock Live 2, agar.io, gota.io, or occasionally splix.io. I also was informed of a website that I could watch movies online for free: https://www.cuevana2.com/ TY @penut101234 , but I can’t watch them lately because my mom is constantly on YT and watching movies supposedly slows the internet and makes her videos lag, so I can’t do that rn… I also watch some anime, including Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Super, and Naruto Shippuden, tho I can’t watch as much as I would like because the channel only shows them one episode each once a week. I also love the NFL, my favorite team is the NE Patriots, and my favorite Player is the QB, Tom Brady. However, we got a new channel pack and don’t have the NFL network, and it costs extra to upgrade, so that stinks. I can still watch the SuperBowl next year on channel 3, tho :smile: I love to listen to anything Christian, such as Lecrae (Christian Rap), Skillet (Christian Rock), TobyMac (Christian HipHop), and Joshua Micah (Contemporary Christian).
I currently live with my parents in a small town in Arkansas, United States. I have a sister and a brother, @DaBeest Don’t tell him I tagged him :rofl: jk , and we have a Snorkie, a Yorkshire Terrier Mix, as you likely saw under “looks”.
As i said, if I am not playing SM, I play ShellShock Live 2, agar.io, gota.io, or occasionally splix.io. I don’t have a console, other than a DS Lite and a Wii, so I don’t play much other games. My cousin let me play COD when I was like 10 when we visited, and tbh, I stunk so bad XD. I don’t see him much anymore becuase my parents hold a grudge against my aunt and anyone near her, so yea… Oh! I play the “new” super mario bros, mario kart, anything lego, Fossil Fighters, Pitfall, Game Party 3, Wii Sports, Kirby Squeak Squad, and a few others I can’t think of…
I am turning 18 on July 26, and I will be getting a job at Wal-Mart this June. Ima be a stocker!!!

No @JamAnime12 @trophy435 @HBSummer18 @Pleasurebot3000, I didn’t mean Stalker :rofl:


dang u got the same birthday as my brother

except my brother turns 24 when the day comes


Maybe… I AM your brother, but I came to the future and lost all memory of my past?! :open_mouth:


do all kind of games not allow you to give personal informations ?


What do you mean by that? :confused:


also I’ve been going through the posts and I think wrote more than necessary tbh XD



This is a thread where you share info about yourself. If you don’t wanna share info, you didn’t have to post :joy:

Not trying to be rude, just saying :wink:


This is a thread that againsts the rule.