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Insert your dads birthdate to get unbanned



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Name: Leo
Age: 34
Grade: Lol
Sexuality: Bi (greedy)
Looks: Tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt, Jeans and polo shirts if I’m making an effort.
Interests: Music, making Music, Gym, walking, The walking dead, Gotham, Empire.
Games I’ve played: Well my brother was a badass cider for the commodore 64 back in the day, as there was no Internet then people from the scene used to send each other disks with the latest games, ulitities, intros etc, he had 1000’s, so I started gaming kinda young and had a vast collection to choose from. I’ve had commodore 64, game boy (the one with 2 shades of green) Master system, Mega drive, SNES, PS, Atari Jaguar, N64, Gamecube, PS 2, wii, xbox 360, xbox 1 and ps4. So yeah, lotta games have been played in my house.

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer but I’m not currently working as I struggle with depression and have done since I was 14. My dad passed on December due to cancer, I found this game whilst in the waiting room at hospital, was a good distraction and kinda stuck with it ever since.

I’m not a massive gamer anymore, I’m grown, I have a Mrs and kid so trying to play xbox in peace is out the question, it’s why I opt for these mobile games you can pick up and put down easily.


This has to be the best life story in this thread.You’re a strong guy.I hate to hear what you went through,but I wish you a happy life.
You have all the support we can offer,Leo.


Much appriciated. But I’m sure there’s lots more interesting stories to be heard.


I don’t want to looks like a dickhead prick or a cold-hearted stone, but…

I don’t think there’s much other life stories in this thread then…
Considering this one is somewhat…“simple”/“not that much developped”…

And I’m sure

They are just not told here…

Again, no offence in my post, just my 2 cents


Name: Alejandro
Age: 15
Grade: 4th year
Sexuality: male

Looks: Normal height, 1.72. I’m like a normal guy, medium large hair,brown eyes and thin.

Interests: I like to hear music, look for memes on Facebook, play new games, take a good time with friends and sometimes I like paint.

Games played: Supermechs (obviously), Skyrim,Fallout 3,Minecraft,Geometry Dash,Rakion, Counter Strike and Crash bandicoot games.

Extras: I like the Nike brand, do sport activities and the pancakes

PD: Nice thread, I didn´t know it existed





ngl, i got a couple of facebook friends who provide me with the best memes I’ve seen all month


those are friends

facebook memes are 70% bad and 30% good, most are from single mothers that support anti v a x



(hilarious because it’s cringe)

EDIT: dafuq did I use “mom” instead of “mum”


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At least you know it, let’s get a room Winz-sama~ :kissing_heart:


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