Write details about you!


Ryuuta Garcia, my mother was Japanese and Father was Filipino.


L4K3, dude, I love this topic! Thank you for this awesome topic! :100: :+1:

Hopefully, everyone participates with some info on himself or herself! It’d be nice to know some basic info on the person who’s chatting on the forum. It gives an idea who the person is.

At the very least, it clears some wrong assumptions. For instance, I always assumed Bestplayer is a guy. Wrong, Bestplayer is a girl. I always assumed Transcendant is a girl. Wrong, Transcendant is a guy (Since Transcendant said he’s a guy, I’m going with that. :man_shrugging:).

Normally, I’m a private guy. However, since I’m reading some - interesting - info on people, it only seems fair I reveal some info on myself as well.

Name: Richard Ching (I use my initials, rc, since it’s easier to use.)

Age: 44

Gender: Male (straight)

Residence: America

Looks: Old! Lol! I think the gray goatee gives it away. :laughing:

Interests: Anime, movies, TV shows, music, and games

Games currently playing:
I used to play Runescape. I was really salty (good) on that game but I had to quit it. It was too addictive, had to play something less compulsive.

Zombie Defense, Royal Warfare 2 (Since I like this game, gonna check out other versions of this game.), Feudalism 1 (Gonna check out versions 2 and 3.), and Flashs Bounty (My fav app game.).


this thread feels like the character creation area for submissive furry rp

name: chase
age: 20
grade: uni, 3rd year
sex: yes please
looks: decent
interests: games, astronomy, egyptology, puzzles
games played: many


Reminds me of the Spacehog Resident alien album cover lol


Cough cough
That’s a name of Nfkrz



Eh… :man_shrugging:


I dont know if I should write details about me because most of the people know all of that already lol


I saw that reply and I though it’d be interesting to start a thread like it :slight_smile:


Actually. Funny thing is.
In all the pokemon games.
I make all my level 100 pokemon die to a level 30 :slight_smile:


Wow… that is animal abuse to the next level


Your going to call PITA on me aren’t u.


Yes… I very much am…


They are pocket monsters, demons, nothing will happen if they are abused


They beat the living crap out of you lol


Maybe make them exist first lmao


It’s dooto

Soz for offtopic @L4K3


Name: Joseph
Age: Older than 20 younger than 40
Sex: Male
Looks: I look like a male
Interest: Games, anime, movies, and animals
Games Played: A lot of games. Over 100


Name: WinzKay
Age: Time is a concept
Looks: like my dad
Interests: sadly sm
Games Played: Minecraft


Name: Sean
Age: A number
Sex: Male
Looks: (supposedly like Winz according to friends)
Interests: Movies, Drawing, Photography


You’re boring