Write details about you!


boi, I told you my name back in the first lounge…


If only I remembered…
Sorry mate.


Your lack of memory caused PTSD

I demand money and a new computer as compensation!



What does this symbolise?


Name: Klement Swartz

Age: 13, will be 14 on 8th

Grade: 8th going onto 9th

Sexuality: Straight male

Looks: Glasses, regular length Brown hair, average weight/height for my age, sterling grey eyes, usually wears dark/bland clothes and mild Marfan Syndrome (I have an indent in the middle of my chest and my ribs point outwards towards the lower end)

Interests: Academics, grammar, unsung historical figures, games, logic puzzles, running, and hiking

Games Played: Dragon Fable, Supermechs, Surviv.io, Moomoo.io, Starve.io, Raze/StrikeForce Heroes 1, 2, & 3, Megabyte Punch, and lots of other stuff

Personality: Pessimistic, Introverted, Eager to learn, and Mildly Philosophic

Family: 2 Parents, 3 Sisters, 1 Brother, 8 Chickens, and 1 Cat

Favorites: Old books, Ovaltine, Carpentry, Maine, Austria, Noodles, Handmade Items, Nature, (Dr. [look it up on YT] and color) Rich Mahogany, and Log Cabins

Dislikes: Viral Trends, Trollers, Disrespectful People, Popularity, and Minor Details that can screw up a plan


I see,you’re the mastermind type,aka academic introvert.
That’s nice,man!


Name: Roman
Age: 18(turning 19 in 11 days)
Grade: 3rd course student
Sex: Male
Orientation: Het
Looks: 180cm, 60kg. Mostly wear black clothes
Interests: Music, Manga
About myself: Atheist, Introvert, Realist.


Good boy… looks like I ain’t the only one… Like if you are aslo like this…


man of culture


Name: dont want my real name connected to this shit tbh
Age: 19
Grade: inbetween years 1 and 2 of Uni atm, on week 5 of a 12 week work placement. its a paid internship but I make more than all of my friends so it makes me feel superior which is always fun.
Sexuality: Gay Male
Looks: Average - not too ugly (since I cut my hair and lost excess fat anyway) but not particularly attractive either. I posted a pic on the bd players pic thread last year if you care enough to find that.
interests: history, politics, drinking, music, gaming, talking to friends (mostly with just one of them though but we dont see a lot of eachother outside of term time because summer jobs and shit), drinking, working out to music, getting drunk and drinking.
Games played:

+some other shit not on steam (like sm).


My boi


Name: No
Age: 20 - 30
Grade: Finished school
Sexuality: Straight Male
Looks:Mostly wear colorful stuff, but with blacc jackets. And jeans.
Interests: Anime and Video Games.
Games played: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Super Mechs, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Tanki Online, Tanki X, GTA San Andreas, GTA V, Subway Surfers.


Name: ハンター騎士

Age: 15

Grade: 10



Looks: well i have black hair, brown eyes, im tan, not really tall. i like to wear sweaters and jeans. i like all terrain boots. i like to wear aqua and some deep blues.

Interests: Anime, lots of game, music (rock, alternative rock, jazz, remixes!!!, some latin music, some classics), drawing, painting.

Games Played: TF2!!! (pyro main), Hollow Knight, Rain World, infamous, Pixel Gun, Plants VS Zombies, Robocraft, Smash Bros, tanki online, Minecraft, Supermechs, Black Ops II, Dead space series, King of Thieves, Clash of Clans, Wolfenstein, Monster Hunter Freedom 2


Lmao that was awesome!


Misfit, dang, those are some heavy-duty games you play. And dang, you sure love your booze.


i had to really search for it
like it was somewhere in my meme flash drive


This all started because of what I did in pm didn’t it?

Lol, don’t deny it Lake.


Age: 15

Sexuality: Straight

Grade:Guess by my age

Looks:Regular black hair. I just wear random clothes, I don’t have a specific style. If you’re lucky you might see a guy walking in the afternoon with pajamas on

Interests : Anime, games, drawing,traps,robots

Games played : Supermechs, Agirl Adrift, FNAF 1,2,3,4,5,6, Mechwarrior, Aqw, Flashtrek, Spirit Fencer, Solar Rift, Mechcommander, Zoo Tycoon 2, Minecraft, Alien Shooter, TORAM Online, Dino simulator, Pixel Farm, Battledawn, SCP:CB, Doki Doki Literature Club!, Command & Coquer 3 (all serieses) and 4, Ratatouille, Wall-E the game, Dino run, Velocity 1 & 2, Undertale.


lmao we got an adventurous one here.