Write details about you!


Basically a tread about you.
the order goes:Name,Age,Grade,Sexuality,Looks,Interests,Games Played.
Feel free to add more.


Name: Lake Vinquenzo
Age: 18
Grade:12th grade
Sexuality: Straight Male
Looks:I mostly wear black and camo clothes,altough I also like striped,black & white shirts.For the cold season,either a black leather jacket or a black long coat and army boots.I wear a hip chain with skulls and a Panarei clock.
Interests: Anime,Games,Music (as in screaming/metal),Drawing,Skateboarding,BMX-ing.

Games played: Supermechs,AQW,LOL,Hearthstone,COD (World At War,Ghosts,Modern Warfare I & II,Black Ops I,II & III,Advanced Warfare I & II,Infinite Warfare),Prototype I & II,Far Cry III,Dead Space III,Crysis III,Assassin’s Creed (Brotherhood & Revelations),Minecraft,Fallout IV.


Name : リュウタ・ガルシア

Age : 26

Grade : I have a job.

Job : Electric Cable Repairman

Sexuality : Straight Male

Looks : I wear Cyan colored clothes, on regular days Long sleeves, work days Safety Vest, Helmet and Long Sleeves, on cold days still Long Sleeves, on Winter Long Sleeved Jacket and Long Sleeves only, with pants of course.

Interests : Anything Anime at all, Games, Music (Preferably Dubstep or Piano), Drawing, Basketball, Soccer, and BMX-ing down the alley.

Games Played : Supermechs, Minecraft, Terraria, All Dead Space, All Fallout, All Bioshock, All Assassin’s Creed, All CODs, All GTAs, All Anime or Anime Related Games, Probably every single Childhood-Possible Games, and Bad games…

Natural Hair Color : White (Yep, the doctors said I have dead dopamine receptors/glands in all hair strands)

Current color : Cyan


Natural white hair,wow!


ryan garcia?


Name: Ryan Bae (Don’t ask why my last name is Bae, my mom and dad are Korean they have no idea.)
Age: 13
Grade: 7 going to 8
Sexuality: Male
Looks: Kinda fat, but not like OBESE. Big feet and hands. Clothes can be random.
Interests: Forging and making.
Games Played: Clash of Clans, King of Thieves, Super Mechs, Geometry Dash, Minecraft, Dragon City, Super Smash Bros, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland on the Wii, Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Super Smash Bros on the 3DS, Pokemon Sapphire (Gameboy), Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, Kirby and the Mirror World or whatever the name is I forget, Shark Fin, Pokemon Black Version 2, and finally. Bakugon on the wii.


Name: NO!
Age: NO!
Sexuality: Male
Looks: Slight belly, Muscular/big arms… Mostly wears black and… black… and sometimes black… Mostly wears black Starlord leather jacket (Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy) and black cargo pants and black boots… blue eyes… redhead… tall and broad shouldered…
Fears: Needles, Heights, Rabbits (Please don’t ask)
Games played: The whole Halo series… Elder Scrolls 3, 4 and 5… Fallout 4… Warframe… Fnaf 1, 2, 3, 4 and sister location… Supermechs… Undertale (been a while though)… TF2… Most CODs… Minecrap… Heroes of the Storm… Diablo 3… World of Warcraft… Hitman… Trackmania…
Hates: Feminism, racism, homophobia, stupid hate comments on youtube channels, cocky people
Fave youtubers: IHE, Grade A under A, JT music
Fave bands: Skillet, Shinedown…


That is a LOT of animal abuse and neglect


Name : Soezy

Age : 21

Grade : I have a job

Sexuality : Female

Looks : just imagine Lady Gaga

Interests : Music and S3x

Games Played : Supermechs, city ville

Natural Hair Color : Blonde

Fav color : pink


I never mentioned ‘Fave colour’ since it’s not really a colour… Black…


WHY AND WTF!? Well… I have nothing against that but… Why say it on this?


Name:I ain’t telling lol (But in English Micheal)
Age:14(Lmfao i’m a kid kill me)
Grade:Allredy finished 8
Gender(Sex):Male (or shadow,and aku gender)
Looks:Ain’t fat,brown-green eyes…and other stuff i won’t tell.
Inserts:Cartoon,Games,Music(With bass and some oldest ones) pograming,basketball,bycilnig.

Games played:Battlefield 1942,2,3,4,1 ,Cod AW IW(Kill me for playing this) WW2,SM,Alien isolation (Yes i’m playing that game now) Alien vs Predator 2,3,colonial marines,NFS carboon,rivals,hot prusuit.

And some other games that i will type soon.


Name: Mattew Grzywaczewski
Age: 15
Grade: 2nd, junior highschool (idk how grades work in murica)
Sexuality: Straight
Looks: Atlethic, big fuckin forhead, wears hoodies with shorts a lot, mostly don’t care if anything matches colors, not a fuccboi
Interests: Military, aquaristic, drawing(i’m meh) soccer
Games played:Gta sa, vice city, 3, 4, 5, various music and rythm games, war thunder, battle dawn, supreme mechs, hawken, gran turismo 4&5 (soon sport too), gwent, world of tanks, far cry 3&4, terraria, for honor, uncharted 4 thieves end and lost legacy, all stalker games (i’ll buy metro redux metro 2033 redux and metro last light redux tommorow


How does one pronounce that?


I see what you did there!


This is probs the biggest difference between us then…


only slav people can pronunce it lol


Btw,I just learned your name.
So William and Darren,huh?


I though you were 16?