Would You Rather?


I wanted to make sexual joke about roasting but it’s too morbid



Either to meet him but that i will die quicly but not angry about it.
Or a person who is such and pathetic that he barks.(Lmao)



Would you rather

Eat your Favourite food for 3 days and never eat it again


Eat your least favourite food forever


This isn’t SM.


faq, pizza for 3 days or fish forever? pizza for 3 days


At least favouraite food.

Spanach included in my fav food ayyy


Wrong topic ;<
20 characters


Would you rather…
Never listen to music ever again
Have to listen to this on repeat 20 hours a day out of the 24


PPAP is gud.
I better watch it if i hate my life.
But false,soo i don’t.


Thats hard, cause I love music, but I couldnt sleep with that shit on, so no music I guess


Would you rather:
Turn the corner to an alley to see a gang of thugs with pugs…
Turn the corner to an alley to see a gang of pedophiles with wood files…


pedophiles because then if they rape me I’ll know I’ve still “got it”.


Take it from me, you do… Don’t know you, but I’ll be nice…


would you rather

  • masturbate 2 times a day for 2 years
  • listen to your most hated song for 24 hours straight?


Why am i’m offended again?

Idk if i should take the first one lmfao.


not my problem, and no idea either


I already do one of them, so no problem


This, because I don’t have a song that I don’t hate :sweat_smile:


i have a realy jerkish one
be a horny roleplayer in german chat
never get past rank 10


holy cow, ofc i would be