Would You Rather?


ok this is the one :slight_smile:


Well… I’l just delete my worst one…


Would you rather :
Use 20$ to buy a pizza

Use 20$ to buy 1000 tokens

Pick wisely


I can buy a pizza for mucho cheapero


Of course tokens theres no way im buying pizza for that much (unless its 3 pizzas)


… I choose to kill @sparsh


as i said i would kill blacktempest so get out of my lawn


20$ for a singular pizza? Hell no… Unless it’s 3 pizzas.

But for now, probably 20$ for Tokens.


did you just say the same on the pizzas? i said unless it would be 3


I didn’t even see your post lad.


You should have seen it


Would you rather

Meet a person who likes to boast about his mechs


Meet a person who thinks he can beat everyone,even when he can’t reach rank 4 yet.



this is my finale answer :slight_smile:


my next answer :smiley:


$20 is about as much as domino’s charge. Only I pay with pound sterling because I live in the civilised world.

Pizzas are overrated imo anyway. I probably only say that because I hate cheese though. Indian food is where it’s at. But by Krishna does it give me the shits like you wouldn’t believe.

What were we talking about again? My brain is melting into butter looking at spreadsheets all the time.


i would pick the boast about his mechs.


This guy. I would love to see a Rank 15 boasting his mechs :joy::ok_hand:


Would you rather



lets roast some chickens :smiley: