Would You Rather?


Would you rather face a toxic noob or a toxic top player?


Toxic noob lol.


no question Toxic Top Player…hands down…where is Toxicdoll?..I know he/she is the Toxic Top Player…

  1. Would you rather :
    Have 0_0’s account for eternity or Wepwawet’s / El_Metre’s account for eternity?

  2. Would you rather :
    Have an Item Portal that is 48 Hours and easier than every other portal with 1-3 fuel costs depending on difficulty but with bad drop-rates for Legendaries only, or an Item Portal that is 48 hours and very hard with 18-38 fuel costs depending on difficulty but with AMAZING drop rates for Legendaries and also has NO drop-rates for Rares and Commons?

  3. Would you rather :
    Have the original “Legacy God Mode” mech :arrow_down:


Or have the “Un-killable” mech with it’s original Infinite HP :arrow_down:

image :arrow_backward: This mech literally has Infinite HP


The third option.

I want that unkillable mech


If this happens :

pls nerf yoyo man hes too strong @SomeRandomDeveloper


no u.


No u ∞²

Also we are getting Off-Topic, stop now.



Devs have no power to nerf me


the invicible mech cant attacc so ill go god mode
good droprates hard mision is better for me
elmetre doesnt have energy(i think) so ill go with mr metre


Would you rather…
Meet O_O in battle


Meet Lord Gorgon in battle


Meet O_O

I allredy saw and met Gorgon.


ok done :stuck_out_tongue:


Both of them at the same time…
I’d basically be fucked… But… They might be confused by the glitch of having both of them against a rank 7 and they mgioht quit to be rid of the glitch…


i would rather wait 10 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
and meet O_O :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




would u rather kill @BlackTempest or @cyanine who will u kill??


You can’t kill what isn’t there… I am a computer generated AI which went rogue and started being a dickhead to everyone and making good points, etc…

And being logical

As for who will I kill… I choose…


i would rather kill @BlackTempest


also, Would you rather?

  • Lose every single fight.
  • delete your account

This is a hard one