Would You Rather?


yeah, you could use all the money to buy tokens and get good L-M items and start fresh


Would you rather have 1m tokens or upgrading items for free?


would you rather
always get rares and commons in silver boxes or never get legends out of any box that has them


1m tokens


upgrading items for free…that would be the best…


fuse all my items away.

So that i will stop playing SM


Would you rather have a setup only consisting of premium items and never reach rank 1 or reach rank 1,without obtaining any L-M’s?


hm…1st one


what kind of question is that?
of course i’d like to reach rank 1,regardless of the items I have!

so I choose “reach rank 1 without any premium items”


1mil tokens lol

Use that to buy some packs and use the epics for fuse for essentially free


What would u guys do

  1. Quit the game
  2. or delete the game??


You can’t delete the game lol.

Or perhaps you can if you’re an manager huehuehue


You can’t delete the game if you play on the website



your choices are pretty much the same lol

deleting the game is just like quitting the game lol


Would you rather :

Get a Heat FaceShocker (HeatPointer) or Get a Heat Nightfall?

Or in simple context, would you rather get a heat version of one of the strongest weapons in-game?


Heat faceshocker


A heat nightfall because Heat faceshocker is in dev server already


No I meant like, in REAL game, not in f*ckin’ “The Bug Supermechs”.


Someone’s not taking my answer nicely


It’s just my regular speech, don’t judge me please. :sweat_smile: