Would You Rather?


cus i dont want someone to think much on this and take more time out of their lives than they should


Never get epics lol.
I just got lots of them so i simply don’t care.


Would you rather…
Have nausea for the rest of your life
Or kill 3 puppies everyday



I am gonna get back to the first reply to this thread that followed the rules of first answering the previous question and then giving a question of your own as it was demanded by Yeet who started this thread.
The reason why I return to that comment?
Well, no one answered his choices so his question is the actual legit active one right now.

Therefore my answer:
Win without rewards
You can get the ranking rewards at the end of season after all and you do not get arena points for losing anyway. So at least by winning I will get a good ranking reward at the end of the PvP season.

Now for my question:
Would you rather have the chance to get legendary item drops from item portals increased by 50% or have the fuel cost for 1 run at the portal reduced by one third?

(Note: 1/3 reduction of fuel costs allow you to get 1.5 times as many runs, so that evens out with 50% increased drop rate for legendaries. The trick in the question is if you trust TS or not. We cannot see drop rates so we would not know if TS really increased the drop rates but we can see the fuel costs. However if fuel costs is reduced TS might also decrease drop rates. So this really is about trusting TS or not.)


Heat counter.
That’s because heat counters can also be phys counters,but phys counter’s can’t be a heat counter.

Like Rising’s.Dude has all items lol.

Ayy,bring them Bunkers,son!

That’s because you can exchange tokens for gold,but not vice-versa.

Plus,you only said in the arena.So I can get more gold from the champaign.


I would choose have the chance of legy drop.
I obviosly have a lot of fuel on the portal.


Assuming TS holds their word, I would have legendary item drops increased by 50%

Would you rather receive 50% less gold for everything or 25% less tokens?


I’d rather have less gold than less tokens.
I could still farm gold enough but it would be hard for tokens.
Tokens are important for item portal or premium packs / boxes and for arena points because I only play on pc and TS is still unable to this day to get the ads feature to work on the browser version.

Would you rather have a fuel cap increase by 50% and a fuel regen increase by 100% (1 fuel recovers in 2.5 minutes instead of 5 minutes) or a fuel cap increase by 100% and refill cost reduction from 30 to 25 tokens for a refill?


The second one, it would make farming more take less time.


Would you rather eat a bowl of spiders, or be trapped in Supermechs German chat for a day?


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Would you rather fuse all your items away or spend $100,000 on SM?


all items
my parents dont even make half of that money


if you had $100,000 but only just


still all items
imagine what you could do with 100 000 dollars